UPDATE from BHRR's Riley's Temp Foster home sent today:

Riley has been eating great !  He is eating three times a day, he eats more in the evening feeding then the others but at least he always seems to be interested in the food. 
On the nights he has been really active outside, he gobbles up his evening feeding and keeps licking the bowl like he can't get enough LOL
Oh I also must say that I am loving all the extra cuddles, he is quite the affectionate boy.  Everyone that meets him has commented on how gentle is his, not to mention handsome!

That is great!  The three meal time are working out well with him, I will add some more food his way 🙂 
Him and Neffie have become quite the play buddies.  I got a huge laugh on Sunday as Riley managed to knock Neffie into the side of our mini pool (soft blow up one).  This ended up soaking Neffie from head to tail LOL  The look on her face was priceless.
I've also been trying to get a decent picture of him, but he is too quick most of the time.