BHRR's Riley was dropped off to his temp foster home yesterday.

He is going to have two lovely other doggies to play with and we want him to keep EATING! EATING! AND EATING! 😀 His coat is so shiny and glossy; yet; as a growing boy; and one that came to BHRR very painfully thin and emaciated; he still needs to put on more weight.

I have finally find the combination in how to feed him, when to feed him and what to feed him that seems to be working since Easter.

He will ONLY eat the RC Giant Junior or RC Giant Puppy food. He will ONLY eat if you first place food in Drift's crate and also feed BHRR's JS first including BHRR's Shiva(they all eat near him) AND he will ONLY eat if you give him a partial bowl first and then as everyone else eats such as BHRR's Potter, BHRR's Hailey and BHRR's Maggie May; you can give him more.

He is eating fairly reliably about 8 cups a day. I want and need him to eat 12-15 cups right now. Better than he was; WAY better; yet; still a ways to go. I cannot believe some days that he has put on over 30 pounds for he still has another 20-25 pounds to go. He just keeps getting taller and finally growing into that beautiful noggin' of his! LOL

He will remain with his temp foster home until at least the June BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House and as we have three applications that we are currently reviewing for adoptions; he may come back to BHRR then or a bit later. With the intake of BHRR's Rose & BHRR's Petal plus what we are assisting BHRR's Hailey and BHRR's Emma through right now; this is the perfect thing for him to be doing. HE has way too much fun and there are way too many distractions and he is WAY not interested enough in eating. AND the amount that he plays and burns off is incredible. He is a high maintenance, energy, life loving, uber affectionate gooberhead boy! 🙂

I am going to miss him….I miss them all. 🙂