BHRR has just been contacted by one of the wonderful emergency hospitals that we work with – Alta Vista – about a 3-4 month old Rottie puppy that has been electrocuted.

From what we have been told, this happened on Friday and she was brought to the emergency today.

She has severe oral burns and per the Vet, has a significant amount of dying/dead flesh, not to mention pain.

Per the emergency Vet, Dr. Jones – she was our amazing intake Vet when we transferred Bane to Alta Vista – they believe that she has a good prognosis and that is why they reached out.

This sweet puppy will need to be there for a couple of days, have a feeding tube, antibiotics, fluids, pain meds and her mouth wounds addressed etc. She has had zero preventative/proactive care in her life to date either yet all of that can be dealt with later. We need to get her healthy first.

BHRR had to act fast and thank you to Sean for being supportive in having us step up to save her. Like many groups, the bills run high, the food runs low yet……yet….

Sometimes, the right thing to do is dig deep and keep having faith that she will have a village surround her with what she needs.

The Emergency Hospital – Alta Vista – does not take direct donations any longer, therefore….

If anyone can spare even $5, please from the bottom of our hearts, donations can be made:

Email Transfer: contactbhrr@gmail.com


PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org (friend & family option)

We promise to update as we can and from my heart, my soul and with all that I am, please know that your consideration is truly lifesaving…..