Good Morning!

This gorgeous girl continues to just shine and is keeping her incredible emerge temp foster on her toes! 

She is loving everything and everyone and was up ready and determined to take on the whole world today!

I am enjoying the updates plus the *giggle* moment stories shared my way and Tracey – you are so amazing!

She now has a name and thank you to Melissa for the idea – keeping in line with the beer theme was perfect and in also wanting to honour The Bakers Dozen of Baby Carlsberg……BHRR’s Denmark shall be her name!

The beer Carlsberg is believed by many to have been named after the district located in Denmark….. 

Good Sunday AM to all from BHRR’s Denmark!

Cuddling with her rescue angel Tracey!

BHRR’s ??
Needs a name!

I am thinking that she is no more than 15-18 months of age from what I have seen to date and I am hearing that she is sweet, gives the best kisses, loves to play fetch, loves her turtle toy and is a true goofy goober! 

I remain so grateful to Tracey for stepping up to get her pulled from this pound so fast! 

She will need a name and I know this picture is a bit blurry/dark – lightened it up as I could – yet I love it! She is so so so adorable!

She was picked up as a stray and has a scar on one of her cheeks yet that only makes her more endearing!

Name guru’s help!

Tracey HAS her!

Look at the three lovely ladies! 

Thank you SO much Tracey! My heart is so at peace now knowing she is out of the pound and safe with you!

Tracey shall emerge temp foster her until the 12th and then we shall get her transported to her next foster rescue angel Ellie!

Thank you again to Kim for contacting us to help her!

WHAT a great rescue Saturday!


Thanks to Tracey for stepping up, this girl will have a safe place to rest her head as of tomorrow night!

Tracey will emerge temp foster her until the 12th so that she can get out of the pound and then she will go to her second rescue temp foster angel – Ellie from there….

THANK YOU to you both for saving her life!!!

I can now rest more easily tonight and yes, I also suspect she is not a singlebred Dane. Does not matter…she is scared/stressed in this very rural pound and needed to be saved.

We have heard that once she is out of the pound she is so happy and goofy and in seeing this photo, what a mug!

Thank you to Kim for reaching out to see if we could assist.

This is Rescue #10 for BHRR for 2018!

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, good night wishes being sent!



~2 year old female Great Dane
*Scared in pound yet goofy and friendly and happy when taken outside
*Has proven fine with dog testing – initiated play

As some are aware, I am trying…and trying hard…LOL to have my first Vacation with Sean in 19 years and we urgently need an emerge temp foster home for her. 

Looking for ~3 weeks – Until August 26th, 2018

If you are able to assist us with an emerge temp foster of this lovely Dane, please do email ASAP

Please do not post your kind offer here, it may be missed. 

We supply the food, stand, bowls, collar, leash, beds, crate if needed etc…you supply the loving stable home! 

NOTE: If you are an approved adoptive home, you are already an approved volunteer and if your home circumstances allow for it, you can temp foster too! 

Thanks in advance for the consideration!