Maira was able to get her hands on *Jade* today. Two beautiful photo’s of Maira & Jade.

Two lovely gals!

*Jade* looks quite good! So happy to say that part. However, her hips and knees are really bad though….really bad per what I can see in the short video’s and with Maira’s own eye witness account. HD with blown cruciates perhaps? Poor nutrition & genetics are culprits too.

*Jade* is no longer emaciated at this time and I am so happy that Maira could see *Jade* firsthand. She says that she is sweet, loving and has the Dane lean down!

*Jade* was dumped the same time the Brazilian Dane Babies were and we were not able to get to her to help her too nor in the position to assist as much as we wanted. Plus, we were not 100% sure when we were finally asked if we wanted to take her, if we could get the proper access.

Things are complicated in this area / place as we well know firsthand from our almost four month battle for The Brazilian Dane Babies.

We had been told over the last months that we could take her and then ‘no’ and then ‘yes’ and then ‘no’ and now it is a ‘yes’ again….yet for how long? Maira and I are talking and have talked off and on re: *Jade*

AND why cannot things come more easily?! For Maira took *Jade’s* toe to head height today. She is 94 cms(just over 37″).

The crate made for Jackson is 99.06 cms(39″) in height yet per international regulations to fly, we need 7.62 cms(3″) of clearance above her head. So, our crate is just over 2.54 cms too short. Ugh!

I talked to Sean and he said no, we cannot make the crate we have taller. He is going to look into seeing if he can build one now that we have the custom one that was made in Brazil and can see with our own eyes what they will accept as customized for travel from there to Canada. Sean feels that with such a small difference in her height and the crate with what is required for ‘clearance’ that perhaps no one would notice as she would be lifting and lowering her head and it would be so hard to tell such a small difference.

We all have much more talking to do……