H. Ross, Alta, CDA

I was showing your web site around the area where I work. No-one can believe how much love, and care not to mention the money that you 2 put into this. Most people would put down a blind dog, or most any dog with the health problems I mentioned (heart, emotional, etc.)……Wonderful web site.

R. Czalpelka, Quebec, CDA

I want to say that I think the service you provide is wonderful. The Great Dane is such a sweet, caring and intelligent dog.

Krista, Saskatchewan

You are so welcome Gwen!!!! I am glad you are doing this. Therapy work with great danes or any breed is so important. Good work!

A. Reburn, USA

Thank you For what you did for Casper. I know how hard those situations can be the and need to try to make everything better! Thank you and Marc for caring enough to try.Take Care.

J. Henson, Ottawa, Ontario

This is where I’ll hand off to the dynamo behind Birch Haven, Gwen Boers. Gwen is a colleague here…… She can provide the background you’ll need plus tons of very compelling stories. She’s a strong, giving and humble woman with an amazing story to tell!

M. Phillips, NY, USA

Gwen, Thank you very much for doing all you have for that sweet girl.. She is such a loving pup that it is so sad to know that she will not get to spend years with your amazing rescue. Sadie, Hannah and I will light a candle tonight. God Bless you. You are in my prayers. Maybe someday, someway, those of us who love animals will find a way to stop all this abuse.

Maureen Bergman, PA, USA

They are very blessed to be with you, Gwen. I am grateful to have you as a contact and I value your input. Thank you again so much for your kind words.

Maureen Bergman, PA, USA

I visited your website today and wanted to tell you how happy I was to discover you and the wonderful work you do! Thank you so much and good luck with all your beautiful Danes!

M. Darby, GoodPooch.com, Toronto, Ontario

As I was casually taking a look around the BHRR web site, I noticed the article, ‘Dear Mr. and Mrs. Average Idiot’…….Wow. Terrific. It’s a no-holds-barred, unfiltered view of rescue. Thank you for posting it. I hadn’t read it before. Anyway, I just wanted to send my thanks and support for your work in educating people and rescuing innocent dogs.(…especially Danes.)

Heather Moore, Ontario

Thank you so much for your good work, your 2 legged friends appreciate it as much as our 4 legged ones!

L. Beck, DANE T.R.A.I.N.. Inc.

As always, Birch Haven will provide Casper with top notch medical care and he will be altered before placement. Gwen will only let Capser be adopted by a most excellent home after thorough screening.

Merrilee Bauman, IN, USA

You’re one of my heroes. I love the information on your website. Your “Other Places to Visit” are really touching. I also like the “Must Read Before Adopting” message.

N. de Wolf

Hello Gwen. What a wonderful job you did describing Graham! If every dog had the same kind of public relations person, they would all be adopted for sure! I loved the dog – and then realized that it was really your writing that brought him to life so well. I hope his adoption goes well. Keep up the good work, Gwen. Really nice job!

S. Stojanovich, Ontario

I am so happy you do what you do…I just wish people could love their animals like we do so there would not be any in shelters. I want you to know that your work does not go unnoticed.

L. Casey, USA

You really run a wonderful organization…. I love to look at your website and see the pictures of all the happy people, dogs and horses. It is inspirational!