Average Joe Entertainment, Ontario

Average Joe Entertainment is a HUGE supporter of Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services, which specializes in the Rescue, Rehabilitation and Re-homing of Giant Breeds K-9s such as Great Danes, St. Bernards, etc. as well as equines. Coming in June 2005, we will be hosting a special ‘Karaoke Adventure’ at Birch Haven to promote the awareness of Giant Breed K-9s and how wonderful they are as family pets.

A. Kitchingman, Ontario

Hi there. Many thanks for your long letter. I have to tell you that I am very impressed with the way you handle the “re-homing” of dogs.

K. Balestrieri, USA

Thank you for everything you do ~ especially opening your heart and home to our displaced animal friends. YOU make a difference!

T. Brennan

I had the opportunity to meet you, Sean and your family last Saturday when my friend Kristen brought me to your home. I just wanted to say that what you do is amazing and the canines and equines are fortunate to have you. Hope to see you all again soon.

K. Kraus, NY, USA

I am also a member of Dane train and am aware of your wonderful work!

M. Phillips, NY, USA

Gwen, Let me first say that I think you are an absolutely wonderful human being for doing what you do! There is surely a special place in heaven for you. Thank you for everything you do for our Giant Breeds and horses! I am a first-time Dane owner to two siblings, Sadie and Hannah. YOU are the one whom we should all be thanking! Your dedication and commitment to bettering the lives of giant breeds and equines is truly commendable.

Merrilee Bauman, IN, USA

I meant to tell you that I love the Birch Haven website. One thing that was really impressive was the link listing all the things someone should consider before buying a large breed or giant breed dog. Great idea. I’ve gotten to communicate with the founder of Birch Haven, Gwen, and respect her very much.

Gloria, Ottawa, Ontario

I have known Gwen Boers for many years and I have seen her and her family give lots of love, attention and safety to many animals over the years. She has a beautiful loving home. I would recommend her home to anyone who needs to place an animal in her care. She knows how to teach these animals and they know they are loved and protected.

Merrilee Bauman, IN, USA

Thank you very much for your help. I think you have a wealth of knowledge and a good heart and mind. I am more grateful than you can imagine for your kindness and time.

A. Gibson, Adopt an Animal-Ontario, Canada

Hi Gwen, Good work on the new site! If you would like to link back to us that would be really great. the more links the better the web presence and the easier adoptable animals are to find.. which helps everyone. Keep up the good work.. Together we are all stronger! cheers, Anne

Sarah, USA

You’re all helping to save a life….a loving rescue program.

Monique, Quebec

Your work is so commendable! It takes someone very special to do what you do!

Heidi, Ontario, Canada

Gwen, to me you are an amazing person. You have so much and give so much and I have so much respect for you…I think that you are a truly beautiful person.

Ottawa, Canada

Gwen – that is amazing! Your website is sooooo good. The dedication and love you have for these animals is absolutely admirable. Thank you so much….

Diane, Ottawa

I have known Gwen and Sean Boers for almost 10 years now (since 1996). I first met them as their veterinarian with their Golden Retriever Rescues. They are outstanding and caring dog owners. I have always been impressed with the level of care, attention and love that they have for their dogs. Gwen is very able to make great decisions for her dogs and has a great ability to judge behaviours and needs for her foster dogs. I have very much enjoyed working with her pets health needs and look forward to helping her in any venture she starts. She has a great common sense, a good knowledge base, great empathy and energy to help her with her rescue efforts.

J. Ruppell, Ottawa

I think that the work you are doing with Birch Haven is incredible, but I’m not surprised that you would do something incredible.