I truly respect what you are trying to do with rescuing.

S. Ross, Alberta, Canada

Rescue programs such as BHRR offer a service that a shelter/pound cannot possibly provide. With social contact for an animal with an often unknown or questionable background many of these critters blossom into beautiful animals. A rescue can turn into a beautiful pet for the right family. BHRR has the resources in terms of space and dedication to be able to provide the necessary time to evaluate these animals properly before being placed into their “forever homes.” Personally, I have used the BHRR website to research the Great Dane breed. I have also seen the animals in BHRR’s care and have witnessed how great the animals are being rehabilitated, treated, loved and how well socialized they are becoming with adults, children and other animals. BHHR believes in vetting, neutering/spaying plus microchipping any animals that come through their doors and are dedicated to any animal placed for as long as that animal lives. They require that any animal for whatever reason be returned to BHRR should the new owner no longer be able to take care for him or her. Anyone looking at purchasing a large breed particularly needs to be comfortable with acquiring the right breed as well as the right dog. I needed to decide whether the Dane is right for me which I have. Now I have to find the right dog. If the right animal comes through rescue I would gladly welcome it into our home. BHRR through connections are also able to direct people through appropriate channels whether it be with research, another reputable rescue or a reputable breeder.


Any animal would be very lucky to find themselves at your door.

Francis Liu

I know it is not easy for what you are doing. I admire your kindness and courage even more. You and Sean are people with BIG hearts!

T. Leggett

i know how crazy busy you are right now with BHRRS; you are doing an amazing service for those poor animals.

Gloria, Ottawa, Ontario

What a great service you provide for those poor animals that need love and attention. They are lucky to have people like your family to care about them. Great web site, easy to maneiver around. Take care best wishes.

T. Small

Thank you for caring so much and God bless you and your hearts for caring as much as you do. You are a blessing to all animals. Thank you.


You are both amazing people. You work so hard to save and fulfill the lives of our four-legged friends. Congratulations on your dreams coming true! Birch Haven is a wonderful idea, and sure to be a success.Your website is very professional and I LOVE the pictures. It is obvious that you have worked very hard to make this happen.I can’t wait for the day when we can finally get our rescue dog from you!

Ohio, USA

You are doing such a wonderful job! I wish there were more people our there like you. Keep up the awesome job.


I went to your site today, which by the way is awesome!!!!!

Wendy Alleshouse

I am so honored to say that I am aquainted with Gwen Boers, her family, and her wonderful rescue facility. She goes above and beyond what is necessary. She has so much to give, and it’s such a shame that we don’t have more people like her in this world devoted to the care and well being of our four legged freinds.

Sean Boers, Oxford Station, Ontario

I’m so proud to have my wife making such a contribution to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals. So many dogs have been placed with loving families, making the lives of both all the richer.

S. Ross

Nice website. I have been all over it several times. Still interested in a Dane. Excellent links to other sites. In about five years I think we should be ready. Thanks again. Lots of information.