BHRR’s Asante (Newfx)
Thank you again to Leanne & her 11-year-old daughter for doing this home visit tonight with me. 
Thank you also to Leanne for taking all of these pictures other than one, as my phone just does not seem to take good photos.
Miss Asante, you shall be dearly missed. I adore all of the dogs I am entrusted with, and you are no different. 
So many kind and generous people surrounded you to help BHRR make you healthy plus whole.
We hope your future is as bright and as wonderful as you so very much deserve. You are a gift, and we have felt extremely privileged to have been contacted by the shelter to step up to assist you!
Miss Asante is adoption #437 for BHRR

BHRR’s Asante(NewfX) is moving under a possible Pending Adoption.
We shall update as we can.



Health Status: HEALTHY!

Age: 9 months – Born: June 13th, 2022

Weight: 45.4 Kg – 99.88 pounds (March 2023). We want to keep her lean/muscled and fit. She had become chubby at one point, which was not in her best interest.

Type of Home Ideal For Miss  Asante: She is such a versatile girl – she is playful, gentle, loves her friends, walks, is calm, and is quite chill overall. She is not a high-maintenance personality dog. She interacts well with people/dogs she meets, and we hope for a quiet, socially low-active level home. A residence that, while visiting family plus friends and having people over, does not host frequent BBQs or gatherings of large groups. We do not want to see her in a home with a high level of travel, with other people taking care of her. She is loyal and loves her people, and we want her to be part of the family if they go camping, go to the cottage, or do other fun travels. She is social and needs a home that is like her. One that shall not overwhelm her. She would adore cottage life or hang out at home with her family. Visiting friends, family, pet stores, and pet-friendly places is excellent too. We want a quietly active home for Miss. Asante. She is intelligent, healthy, and such a precious girl!

She MUST go to a home that will continue to work on exposing her to new, fun, and beautiful things in the world. Time plus and effort has gone into having her be comfortable in her skin, to not only like yet love her own company. We are not advocates of dog parks. Many private properties rent out space for acreage rentals so that she can enjoy a controlled environment to run and zoom in.

We want her to look forward to the next adventures plus experiences. She needs a home that will give her new positive and great safe, memorable experiences. If you are a home that likes to take infrequent walks/hikes/strolls, Mr. Asante is not for you…she is a healthy dog and needs to be kept emotionally and physically stimulated. She would make a great companion to get out into nature, explore and even enjoy the beach and having other exciting adventures! She is also a great companion when watching movies or curling up with a good book.

A home that understands and shall continue to help her learn about this big fantastic world that we live in. We want her to live a quality-filled, enriched life. She is being fostered in a lovely home in the Ottawa area yet can equally live comfortably in the city or country.

We want her to be happy and to live her best life every day. We want her to reach her full incredible potential!

She is another versatile BHRR dog! She can be in a home that works ft; pt works from home, is semi-retired or retired, etc. She will ONLY go to a home prepared to ensure she receives the balance she requires with proper exercise, socialisation, etc.

She does not need to go to a dog, or even a Newf or Pyr experienced home. The home must be committed to her obedience, structure, and consistency, and to be patient, kind, and understanding, and while not hermits, they are not doing a hundred things each day or weekly, or monthly. We want her to be treated as a beloved member in a right-matched forever-loving home. We want her to be an invaluable member of her forever-loving adoptive home!

She has been taught to share and that no human or dog will take her high-value food. She is fed in a quiet place and knows that she will be fed enough food on time and that no one will take her food away.

She loves home and her friends.

Personality/Temperament: Super loving, affectionate, calm, happy sweet; she loves to get outside to romp and run and is a delightful, playful pup! She needs to be emotionally/physically properly stimulated, social, active, gentle, plus kind. She thrives with consistency, structure, routine, and clear open communication to understand precisely what is expected of her.

Previous Dog Experience: Previous Dog experience is not required per the above, yet a home that is going to be committed to her wellbeing and make the small adjustments required as she is still a puppy, still learning, and still mentally plus physically growing. She sleeps well, and while ideally like to see her in a home with at least one right-matched personality-fit dog – it is not mandatory. She needs a strong doggie friend network in the community though. That is so important. We have friends; she needs friends too. She has enjoyed meeting new canine friends.  

Good With Cats: She has been completely fine with the cats she has interacted with at the events at PV. One of the cats is loose in the store. Integration is key!

Good with Pocket Pets: Unknown

Good with Children: We feel that any right-matched personality fit home for Miss Asante, should they have children, that said children – no more than two in the house, should be over the age of 8. So, we will consider homes that have children for Miss Asante.

Grooming: She needs regular grooming to keep her coat healthy and look her best. Regular grooming includes nails and ears. We have also had her professionally groomed during her time in rescue.

Car: She travels well in the car.

Housebroken/crate Trained: She is housebroken and crate trained. We never recommend giving any new addition too much freedom to start. It can be very overwhelming plus too stimulating for them.

Obedience: She requires a home that will be consistent and dedicated to continuing to help her become the best dog that she can be. Her potential is enormous! As per our adoption contract, a full round of group obedience is required with all of our dogs. This is not about having a dog that ‘listens.’ This is about creating a strong and mutually respectful bonding relationship. Trust and respect work both ways.

Activities Suited For Her: She would excel in therapy work. She is a doll. Great companion at home, a great companion for camping, cottaging, small hikes, and exploring new things!

Loves & Bad Habits:  Like any dog, she is not perfect. She is perfect in all of her imperfections, though! NOT to mention gorgeous. She still shows some reluctance going into the Vet Hospital. We strongly recommend that her right matched personality fit home for them to take trips to the Vet just to visit. Get treats, and some loving without any examinations, pokes or prods!

She is an awesome dog! So low maintenance! She is accepting and tolerant of so much!

Anxieties/Worries: It is integral that the right-matched personality fit home does not spend 24/7 with her. During this pandemic and even before it, we still need groceries; we should still go out and do errands; we should still get in our cars and go for a small drive to go somewhere to do something! Time has been spent having her learn to not only like yet enjoy her own company. As we need our alone time, she must do too. She is a solid and stable dog, and we do not want any SA behaviours to develop.

As we have stated for over 27 years now, we will NEVER rush any dogs’ rehabilitation journey, we do not flip dogs, and we are not desperate to adopt them out.

We will always place up for adoption the dogs that can be adopted and safe haven all others that cannot be placed up for adoption due to medical and/or behavioural reasons.

We do not take in hundreds of dogs yearly; we only took in 18 dogs in 2022 as it is about helping the next in need of us, giving them top-quality care, and not about taking in numbers. In 2023, we have ONLY taken in 1 dog to date.

After 27+ years, we know that we cannot please everyone, which means that BHRR is not the rescue to be followed, supported, and believed in by everyone. We remain small plus mighty, and as we go through this next transitional stage for BHRR, we shall continue to operate with a zero-tolerance approach, providing and beyond care to the animals.

Our mandates have never changed and will remain the same as long as we are around; the animals shall always be done right by as our priority.

Our adoption success rates remain second to no other group – 100% for over ten years of operating, and now 99% as we go through year 27, and we are excited as we go through this slow transition for BHRR!

You have come so far, Miss. Asante, and we are delighted you are making your special announcement!

Stay Tuned!
Miss Asante (9 months old) shall be making her special announcement shortly.
Newf/Great PyrX
This is one of the pictures from her wonderful professional photo shoot – on March 16th with Liz!

This stunning girl will have her professional photos done tomorrow with Liz.
Thank you again, Liz, for all you do for the community!!
Once, they are received, Miss Asante (Newf/PyrX) shall be ready to make her special announcement.
As with so many BHRR doggies, she has been quite popular – what is not to love? – and as with all of our dogs, only a right-matched personality home will be approved. 
Thank you’s being sent to her wonderful foster home for sharing this great photo of her.
You have come far BHRR’s Asante, and we are incredibly proud of you.

Miss Asante has her two-week post-op checkup today at 5 PM at EVC.
This picture was sent to us 1-week post-op by her foster family.
Gwen has also asked for more Dermaaxx as the radiologist, plus her expert vet team has determined that she has a growing condition, which is most likely Pano. She is on strict exercise not just because of her healing eyes yet for her body.
She has responded well to the Dermaxx, and Gwen would like the foster to have more on hand.
We are also very curious re: her weight as, at one point, she had been a bit chubby. Her caring foster home has been super diligent plus dedicated to her well-being, and we cannot thank them enough for all that they have done and are doing for Miss Asante.
Should Miss Asante get the thumbs up today after her recheck, we will be working on her professional photo shoot, and from there, she will be ready to make her own special announcement!

Miss Asante had her bilateral cherry eye surgery today.
Last Saturday, she weighed 40 kgs. Not sure of her weight today – as I could not get to work – and her foster home is working on seeing her lose a few pounds, as she was chubby last weekend. 
***We are still $800 short; any consideration would be so appreciated!!!***
The surgery went well, they were finished around 12:40 pm, and she stayed to recover.
I asked for a second cone as we have to make sure any risks to her eyes are minimal to nonexistent. If one cone breaks, her foster family will have a backup and if they do not use it, we will have it for another BHRR doggie.
The failure rate is high with cherry eyes and she is a Newf, a giant breed, still a puppy, and had surgery that failed on one eye already.
We will do all we can to ensure the success rate is there….
So many to thank for coming together with donations, fundraising, empties, and support! 
Any donations to help us with her bills can be made via PayPal to or via email transfer to

Sorry for the lack of posts. We have had some urgent vet visits for some of the dogs, and Miss Asante is just one of them for this week.
I had sent an email to her fosters regarding her upcoming bilateral cherry eye surgery on the 26th and was informed that she has been doing some intermittent limping over the past week.
This could be a minor or a major thing so we got her into EVC this AM.
X-rays were done, and at first look, the vet thought she might have a fractured anconeal process on the one elbow. So X-rays were then taken of the other elbow and they both look similar. This should have been fused by her age – and have not – and so the x-rays have now been paid to be sent off to the radiologist for their own expert opinion.
In the meantime, she has been placed on NSAIDS – Deramaxx to see if they may help.
We will update as we can.

Thank you to Pet Valu Brockville for hosting us today!
Wishing Kevin, the feline an amazing 7th Birthday again & for sharing his special day with us!
Thank you to Richard, Carol & Katherine for the vegan chili, the baked goodies, the buns, spoons etc., all of their organisational assistance, and for being so awesome!
Thank you to Tanya  – the foster mama, for bringing BHRR’s Asante to this event so that people could meet firsthand who they are supporting! Thank you also for the incredible baking!
Thank you to each and every kind soul that came out in support, spent some time talking to us, loving on our Miss Asante, and helping us to get closer to our goal of having her bilateral cherry eye surgery!
Today, a heartwarming $780.30 was raised for Miss Asante, our five-month-old NewfX. 
We only need just over $2,500 more to repair her eyes!!! Getting there.
Please consider saving your Empties this holiday season to help us raise what we still need. 

Miss Asante was at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic today for a consult for her bilateral cherry eyes.

We shall update as we can!

AND Miss Asante was also at the Vet today!
She is our Newfx puppy(with Pyr). Born: June 13th, 2022.
She weighed 30.6 kgs(67.32 pounds). Her last weight on October 18th was 21.9 kgs(48.18 pounds). She was extremely skinny at that appointment.
Now, she looks good and is just starting to become a bit overweight. So, we will monitor closely.
We had more eye lube dispensed, two more months of Nexgard, she received her boosters AND had her eyes looked at once again.
It is now time for her to be professionally groomed! We will have that scheduled shortly. We want all of our dogs to look plus feel their best!
I will be in conversation with the surgeon tomorrow in re: to her bilateral cherry eyes. We still have close to $5,000 to raise for the one estimate that we were given.
She may need to have a consult with the surgeon before proceeding, and that may change the estimate.
This is a surgery that has a high risk of failure. She already had one eye done by the shelter – her right – and that failed fast.
Being a giant breed puppy, a Newf too, and that the ‘newer’ approach to surgically addressing bilateral cherry eye all brings the probability of failure to a high level. We know this going in, and have had to address this more than once, with many a Giant since our inception. So, one thing that we can do/control is to do this surgery(ies) when she is a bit older.
Miss Asante shall be at our December 3rd Bake & Chili sale at Pet Valu Brockville! If you would like to donate any baked goodies or have items that we could sell at our table – please do email
Thank you to her wonderful foster home for making sure she got to her Vet appointment today and offering to be her special Secret Santa!

Though I am feeling bummed about missing Halloween, I am grateful to Miss Asante’s lovely foster home for sending pictures of her as an adorable ‘disco Halloween helper!’ 
Happy Halloween to all, and please keep your pets and children, plus yourselves, safe!

Miss Asante has now been safely handed off to her lovely fosters.
Thanks for meeting up with me partway!
I will see her on Tuesday at her vet apt., and now that we have her, we can start moving on her rehabilitation to health and new eyes!
Super sweet, super stinky, yet super sweet!

I got her and am now on my way to meet up with her foster family.
Not the best pics! Sorry!

Miss Asante is still travelling great!
She is travelling with cats & kittens and 6 other dogs on this transport. Lots of tandem driving going on as each leg is done.
I am being told her hair is like ‘velvet’. 
A massive hit with all!
She is so tiny in this pic!! We got you, sweet baby…soon, I will meet you soon!

Miss Asante began her journey early this AM & I will be meeting the transport in a few hours, then will drive to meet up with her temp foster.
The thing I do not have right now – I am recycling collars/leash/harness so she is ok on that for now, and I thought I could snag the brand new bed I had bought(not yet used) for one of my own dogs – an XL Costco dog bed.
Appears that the bed has been pulled down and loved – from the faint mud/dust pawprints evidence! 
If anyone may consider being a bed angel for her, please let me know!
She has her first vet appointment with us on Tuesday. We will get those eyes repaired ASAP. The shelter had done the right eye, yet it failed. Very common with the ‘new’ technique, especially with Danes and Newfs.
When she is ready and settled in a bit, too, we will have a professional groom done for we want all of our dogs looking and feeling their best.
I have been told she is ‘super sweet and very, very, very easygoing.’
From these pics, I see single-bred Newf, yet we will see what the intake paperwork says, etc.
It does not matter to us!

When it rains, it pours.
We had worked to schedule the home visit for BHRR’s Titan’s possible approved adoption and finally got a date booked, and today, I am notified by his foster home that he has blood in his urine.
Poor boy…..
When we first rescued him at the beginning of July, he had severe untreated urinary issues. He was placed on both Zeniquin and Clavaseptin.
So, everything is now on hold as we address this concern.
Sean/I are going to stop checking emails and texts and picking up the phone……just when you think you are going to get ahead of the rescue vet bills. 
Yet, we will continue to ensure that he and all of our dogs get everything they need and go up and beyond. 
On a side note, we are getting one step closer to having BHRR’s Asante arrive. I also have her first Vet appointment booked for Tuesday at 3 PM.

3-month-old female Newf/Pyr pup in need.
The shelter did cherry eye surgery on one eye – it failed – and now the other eye also needs to be done. The picture was before the first eye surgery failed.

She is only three months old.

We are calling her ‘Asante’ – Swahili for ‘Thankful/Grateful’ as that is how we feel towards so many that have come together to enable us to help her – From the Shelter reaching out, to the Volunteers stepping up to foster her, to the Vet Team that will be on hand to help us get her healthy and to the strong BHRR village that will surround her with support/kindness!

‘Asante’ – is also an African name meaning “thank you”

I know that this wee sweetheart shall also be thankful to be able to live the life she always deserved!