So many updates to do and also pics to post. The next while is going to be very busy as I update everyone’s blog. KB/JB is loving his heater(we ended up returning the first one that we bought and bought another one and then two others to have on hand) and the Kuranda Bed that was donated for Lil Linus has become KB/JB’s favourite spot to be. Not sure why this Kuranda bed over the other two(the only thing different is the colour of vinyl) and maybe KB/JB likes BLUE better than the dark burgundy! 😛 Lil Linus on the other hand prefers one of the Burgundy Kuranda beds and so, I guess everyone is happy!!! Yet, what I think I will do is put on our special request wish list; another Kuranda bed for the dogs in our BHRR programs. Additionally; KB/JB is really stiffening up in this cold and the oesteoarthritis is only part of his problem that I strongly suspect at this time with that one leg. I am bringing him in shortly after the New Year for another exam plus check-up on him and I am a wee bit worried about what we might find in that one leg. 🙁 He is almost 6.5 years now(the best that we can guessestimate based upon teeth and calcification in his lungs from X-Rays taken shortly after his arrival 4 years ago) and the rest of his body, other than his still as of yet not diagnosed ‘neuro’ shaking is just in the best shape. I am just not convinced that what we are seeing is just ‘signs’ of him aging and from past injuries before he came to our program. I absolutely believe that aging is very much part of what is happening but I believe there is more to it and I think it is time for more tissue biopsies, X-Rays, bw etc. to be done. I know that I have said this before but as much as I love KB/JB and him me; he and Sean are like ‘one’ and having lost my own heart dog of Frost ‘T’, almost 2 years ago; I do not wish to see Sean lose KB/JB anytime soon. KB/JB is such a beautiful boy with a fantastic spirit and he has been through so much in his life that all I want to do is scoop him up and protect him from anything painful or harmful. Please keep him and Sean in your thoughts.