On May 3rd, 2012, a very special girl – Mackenzie met me at KAH to make a donation of $135 to BHRR. For once again – she did the same last year – in lieu of birthday gifts; she collected donations for BHRR! Who better as a most recent 'special needs' animal of BHRR to be on hand to accept her very generous and thoughtful gesture than BHRRs Journey! 🙂

Below is a photo of the two of them! 🙂

I am also including a photo of BHRRs Journey's before and after rehabilitation at BHRR. This is why we are here and this is why every penny you donate to BHRR MEANS so much!!! It enables us to continue to help those in need of our programs and to keep focusing on the special needs!!!

BHRR's Journey's weight on May 34rd, 2012 was 114.80 pounds! I wanted her at 115 before she was adopted and we are THERE!

I also stressed to her future possible adoptive home that I do not want to see her over 120 pounds. Too much weight is not good for any person or animal. With her very poor start in life; we want her bones and body staying strong as possible for as long as possible.

Should all go well, BHRR's Journey shall go to her new adoptive home on Sunday May 27th, 2012. I did the hv on Saturday.

In having a very candid conversation with this home; all of us feel the same re: BHRR's Journey's celebrity status. So, for the first time ever in 16+ years of operating, we are asking the public/community to please respect the privacy of this home and to allow them to have their new beginning with BHRR's Journey towards a great future together. I am sure this home(previous adopters of BHRR) shall share stories, photos and updates; yet; the worry from everyone, myself included is that this whole wonderful community that was pulled together by BHRR's Journey will try to also be part of their family too.

AND, it is not that BHRR or  that they are not BEYOND grateful, appreciative and extremely touched by all that was done for her; yet; for this home and BHRR's Journey to have the best shot of success; this home needs to have their privacy(AND they are private people to begin with) respected and their wishes honoured.  AND, BHRR is bound by confidentiality and; as with all our adoptive homes, shall never reveal their identity.

I know that several homes that were interested in adopting BHRR's Journey did not submit an application for they were also worried about the publicness of her story and what this would mean for their home and trying to have their family time kept intimate. The same has also applies to BHRR's Veteran and his own 'celebrity' status and we can well understand their position for Sean & I are also quite private and are very protective of our own families and personal space.

I can only hope that the sincerity of how everyone(they and BHRR) feels regarding how much was done for her before her adoption comes across and that those in the community will honour their wishes.

Before her adoption is 100% finalized, I am bringing her to KAH one more time – later today just to get one final sign off on that right front knuckle. Since she sprained it; she has had some swelling come and go here and there – does not seem to want to slow her down – yet; as the home is aware; we want all documented and in order with continued full disclosure made. I just want to make sure that she did not somehow cause further injury to it and that we are not looking at a bigger issue than a knuckle that was once sprained. We have done so much since December for her to ensure that she was done right by and continuing to do this is a priority!

BHRR's Journey – May 3rd, 2012