At the age of almost 6.5 years; KB/JB is starting to show some major signs of osteoarthritis in his right front shoulder(this is the same leg that he had a lick granuloma that was down to the bone and that we have struggled for years to re-train him from his OCD in licking at it, especially when stressed like when he had his 2 obstruction surgeries) and he loves our Recreation Room. However; this room used to be the old owner’s garage that they ‘took’ out and made into a work shop and the area that was the garage door; they put in a mini greenhouse(yet it was not done properly and the window seals are poor etc.) and while we have re-painted plus furnished the room with couches etc., it is still quite cold in the winter. We do not leave the woodstove down their burning while we are out and that makes the room that much colder. What we would like to do is purchase a small floor heater for KB/JB to help him. This is the room that he likes to go to when we have our mini-open houses for BHRR as he cannot get too excited(as this is a form of stress) for he is at a high risk of bloating. If anyone knows of where would be a great place to obtain a small floor heater at a reasonable cost; please do contact Gwen Ideally, we would love to obtain two yet even to get one for him at this time, would be extremely beneficial!