BHRR's Kyo is moving to an AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION status as of April 17th, 2012

Kyo's HWT was negative!

BHRR's Kyo came with me on Sunday April 15th as one of the amazing BHRR representatives PLUS incredible GD Breed representatives to Pet Valu as part of their Pet Appreciation Weekend event.

BHRR was invited to the new Pet Valu in Kemptville, Ontario and we were there both Saturday(BHRR's Journey also came) & on Sunday(BHRR's Hamilton and BHRR's Kyo came) and had a most wonderful community education and awareness event!

THANK you so much to Erika and all the amazing staff of Pet Valu again for inviting us and they are still taking donations for 'pawprints' up to and including April 30th, 2012! I was informed yesterday that they were just shy of $1,000 raised and those monies shall be used towards going to pay for a Pet Pro 2000 IV pump( $2,000+ USD ) for those special needs dogs in need of IV treatment at BHRR.

THANK you to all the Volunteers who spent their time with me this weekend AND thank you to all the supporters who came out to visit! :)

BHRR's Kyo has MORE than passed all his evaluations/assessments plus Vet check etc. This boy is a great BOMB PROOF boy! It is very rare that we would ever place up for adoption a dog that has not been here the standard 4-5 weeks(he will have been with us four weeks on the 24th of April); yet; this boy is what he is! You get what you see and what you get and see is nothing short of AWESOMENESS! HE is magnificent!!! Simply THUMBS UP!

He has been one of my best ever obedience pupils and ROLE model boy he is! 🙂

Below is a photo taken on April 15th, from his visit to Pet Valu! He did not want me to go too far! LOL He first began hugging me and sleeping with his head on my knee but then it moved to my foot. 🙂

ISN'T he sweet?

BHRR's Kyo – April 15th, 2012 – Pet Valu
*photo courtesy of M. Bird