BHRR's Riley shall be returning to BHRR on Wednesday March 21st after having a great time at his temp foster home! His temp foster home has had a fabu time with him and completely agrees that this boy is not for the inexperienced! 😉 AND, after a bit of a bump in the begininng with him not wanting to eat at their home; he has picked up the eating and YAY! YAY! YAY! I cannot wait to get a new weight on him!!!

He has proven to be wonderful with all in his temp foster home; from the kids to the kittens/cats and has been such a great matched fit for their other GD! I have loved receiving the updates and just as with my home; he did decide a window jump and took out their screen.

This boy might want to try agility; yet; I would worry with his clumsiness that he might seriously hurt himself!!!

I have been sent photos of him helping their little girl dig in the sandbox, laying by her side as she swings on her swingset; bringing the members of the house his 'signature' big sticks and so much more! WHAT a hoot and a riot he continues to be!!! 😀

So, the big kid is still the big kid and he was very mindful of his manners when his temp foster home laid down the law. I can just imagine his facial expression with the 'it was worth a shot trying!' LOL

BHRR's Riley & Ady – two bff digging in the sandbox!
*photo courtesy of T. Vaive