BHRR's Atlas shall have his third CWW session tomorrow! I am so excited for him! I love our CWW days together!!! 🙂

He shall also begin to have chiro treatments later this week as his lower back is being affected more and more due to his bad hips. We are also looking into acupuncture too. The CWW sessions are really assisting him in becoming more relaxed and less tense. It is time that gives him much relief from the pain of his hips/lower back. The Deramaxx and Tramadol can only do so much. If need be, we shall seek stronger meds for him.

Whatever he needs, he shall receive.

QUALITY of life is our priority for him…..I just want him to have more and more quality!

His is coming around more and more emotionally and I could not be more proud of him!

His best friends are BHRR's Peanut, BHRR's Gretta, BHRR's Maggie May(he really likes to show of his stuff for her and strut and prance in front of her! LOL) and BHRR's Adele has also been added to his list of BFF's!. He sure loves 'his' girls! 🙂 I am so happy he has good close friends and no longer feels that all dogs are a threat to him and stress him out.