TIME for a BHRR's Maggie May update! 🙂

I am going to post two photos below from the December 2nd, 2011 Community Education plus Awareness Event that BHRR did at B&F Barrhaven. I brought BHRR's Veteran and BHRR's Maggie May with me for this Event.

SHE was so AWESOME! She had quite a few people out to visit just with her! 🙂 So many are wishing her the very best of things and BHRR remains patient that her right forever matched loving hom shall come along! 🙂

Her hair is coming back in so lovely and soft and there is just one area around her neck that the hair has not become to come back in. We were aware that when we had to shave her down, that there was a chance that there could be areas like this but we do not believe that it is due to the shaving; yet more from her collar rubbing. So, she is sans collar to see if that shall assist.

No matter if she does or does not have hair that grows back, she is stunning to us and she shall also be that way in the eyes of her right matched forever loving home when they find her!

She is so Pyr! LOL She just melts in the heat and loves the a/c vents and in this cooler weather; LOVES laying outside. So much, that she will turn her back and 'pretend' she cannot hear you(out of sight, out of mind!) when you call her to come in! LOL Stubborn to the end!

She is so low maintenance and has been a huge joy to have here!

She is also so Pyr like in the manner of greeting people….it is simple…you want to pet her, YOU come to HER! Not the other way around! HA! LOL Our latest BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House proved that all over again to our guests! Here you have the Danes and Newfs tripping over themselves to get a piece of the affection action as people arrived and for her; she layed upon two, not one Costco dog bed(LOL…have to be comfy!) and looked at people and would wag her tail and lift her head slightly BUT there was no way; she was moving to stand up and vie with the other dogs. SHE knows she is all that and a piece of something special and she makes people 'work' to make her happy! LOVE IT! All these people sitting on the floor; fawning and peting and loving on her…..sigh, made me so happy!

She is ONLY going to go to a home that is going to understand this about Pyrs and not force her to be anything that she is not FOR she is a very affectionate, loyal, uber sweet , very happy and 100% trustworthy girl BUT she is all Pyr.

BHRR's Maggie May – December 2nd, 2011