May your right matched forever loving home find you and SEE you & not the 'black' dog; not the small GD body and not ANY Of the other idjit reasons people have to date passed you over and not applied to adopt you! WELL, we love you and we love your beautiful brown eyes and do not think they look funny, we love your sweet pretty head and do not think it small, we love your size, your glossy healthy coat and do not see anything 'common' about you! YOU are unique, special and we LOVE you!

BHRR's Shiva; this STORY/VIDEO is for you! Just as people did not give up on Rufo in this story (the dog nobody wanted – spent 6 years in a shelter with only 2 hours a day of outside time); we shall never turn our backs on you! 325 dogs have been adopted via BHRR and your turn shall come!

In the meantime; you live the best life with us with a kingside bed, people that adore you; kids and other dogs to romp with, 148 acres to enjoy 24/7, you are safe, not kennelled or caged, have play dates, treats and your training just keeps going to higher levels and we love you so much!

The two photos below are from her temp foster mom during her play days with her.

She had her annual Vet visit on February 11th, 2012 and was a wee bit on the pump side at just over 43 KGs. We like to see her around 90 pounds and she was close to 96. SHE clearly at a fantastic time at her temp fosters! 😉

The Vet marvelled at how well trained and behaved she was! She stood while we trimmed up nails, gave a paw, sat when asked and was just a dream!

I will post the results of her HWT when it comes in. I am not worried for the dogs are on Sentinel year round here.

BHRR's Shiva – 4 years of age (born June 10th, 2007) – photos taken in 2012
*photos courtesy of Paula