BHRR's Bloom is headed to have her follow-up X-Rays and exam done tomorrow. I am going to do it at KAH and forward on the CD to Dr. Gatineau for review as we have discussed more than once that he was in support of us doing. Unfortunately, due to an emergency, we were unable to visit him as scheduled earlier this month. So, this was plan B discussed with Dr. Gatineau from the time that she had her surgery.

I am looking forward to a new weight!

I also made in a previous post about how people were asking if she was a PB Great Dane and I said that she was 100% pure backyard bred Great Dane and of course, we all know what that means; she could have lab, greyhound, ABDT or any other number of Breeds in her pedigree and sold as a GD or thought to be a GD. The same could apply to many of the 'Great Danes' that come into any Rescue; mastiff is another breed strongly suspected to be found in many of these Danes in any rescue program out there.

As one or two are aware, I have had my suspicions for some time that BHRR's Bloom may or may not be all GD and it truly, does not matter overall for she needed assistance and we were SO more than happy to help. This is what we are here for, to help those special needs sweeties! AND man, she is a big sweetie! 🙂 However, based upon what could be in her pedigree, which shall very much assist us with her adoption placement; I have; for the first time ever ordered a DNA kit. I feel I need to know.

I am hoping that the kit arrives within the week and then we shall have to wait about another 2 weeks and I shall post the results. I do not feel that any cart should be placed before the horse in any situation and I am not going to begin now by posting speculations or more thought processes. 😉

REGARDLESS of what breed/breeds she is; she shall continue to be done right by AND she is one FABU(new word of the week for me!) dog! 😀

Will post an update from her visit tomorrow and new photos! Maybe, even a video! 😉