Mazda went home with her new family today and when they were here; we went over the concern on the social issues with their current dog and how integration plus proper handling of any reassurance etc. will need to be done correctly. I also went over my positioning, concern and my thoughts on the matters of weight, communication, animal behavour/language plus respect for Mazda and her obedience. We also re-visited items that have been posted on Mazda’s updates on our website such as age and her old pressure sores and there seemed to be some question as to her age plus how long she has been with us. I am hopeful that should the advice be headed that things will work out just fine as they were not aware how the two last ribs on a Dane should be slightly visible and it was demonstrated to them on their own dog and even with my own EM that both of those dogs are a tad on the heavy side and one should have Danes lean. Mazda is still very much a puppy and has more filling out and with that will come some more added weight. We did APPROVE this adoption and we shall see how the obedience goes.