I took Boba with me to work tonight and he had a great exam and received a clear bill of health. His vaccines were updated and we did a HWT. It took three of us to do his manicure/pedicure tonight. One to feed the PB and one to do nails and one to restrain. HE is getting better and better each time and his nails continue to look better. He just LOVES everyone and even was very willing to let the Vet chew the other half of his chewie bone! 🙂 He weighed 51.80 KGs(113.96 pounds) and his coat is so soft and looks great! He looks WONDERFUL! Boba is always happiest when everyone is in the same room! I am also just beyond thrilled to say that Boba is now actively playing with another dog; Soul! He is actually racing and running and just have a grand old time. Up until this point; he just loved to play tug of war etc. while he was lying down and the other dogs did most of the work! 🙂 Soul makes him ‘work’ and he is developing even more muscle tone! WHAT a ham this boy is!