Today's FREEDOM Danes update has been so sweet. For the first time since she arrived; Adele is actually showing happiness about me coming home and coming to greet me!!!

AND it happened!!! My patience with bated breath has given me a HUGE reward plus gift!!! Freedom actually took his first not one; but two treats from my hand when he was outside of his 'safe' spot of a crate and ate them right there!!! My heart just melted…..

Their rehab paths are being very slowly travelled at their pace and their steps of beginning to trust and love make me feel honoured and very proud of their bravery!!! One cannot undo a lifetime if neglect and abuse overnight or change their history yet; we can give them a future of warmth, caring and kind spoiling love; that is their right!

AND yes, it was Anna's amazing 'heart' biscuits!!! 🙂

Another great day developing at BHRR thanks to these amazing dogs!!!


From Anna – 1,538 dozen 'BHRR Journey Heart Biscuits' now ordered. Most humble of thanks being sent to everyone plus Anna…Thank you!!

Her  e-mail or you can call her at 613 993 2738. Up to 1,538 dozen orders taken to date!!! Anna also has a Hypo recipe for those that have sensitive tummy doggies!

A post made by Anna Gray-Henschel on the BHRR FB Fan Page:

"To raise funds for BHRR's Journey, I am baking smokey bacon with cheddar heart shaped dog biscuits at $3/dz. Happy to deliver them in the Ottawa area or bring them to BHHR's open house for those attending. I will also ship them at no charge within Canada. Please let me know before the end of this month so that you'll have them in time for Valentine's Day. Made with love, bought with love and every penny sent to BHRR with love to Journey."