We are now going to have to decide what our options are with this porcupine as Boba plus Lady were ‘nailed’. Lady barked and tried get away and Boba’s thought process was a clear ‘wow, look at the neat little dog, must go say hi and welcome them to our home.’ Boba did not walk away to well on that and after Sean and I stopped counting at 70 quills pulled; we saw one on his tongue and knew that he needed to go in for as great as Boba is, that tongue is way too sensitive. It was a good thing as besides the one on his tongue, we managed to find 7 others deeply imbedded in his one paw. Boba has recovered well after much ‘drama’ of the ‘dying soldier’ on his part and with us being sucked in and catering to his every whim of pats, smooches, loving and no little treats! We kept telling him over and over again ‘WHAT a BRAVE boy.’ He really liked hearing that he was so brave and strong, the little mush. 🙂 If anything made him that more ‘Bobadelicious’ to me, this was it. HE is such a character and a real little teddybear. (Don’t tell him that though…….!) While we were there, we also did a manicure plus pedicure and the quicks on his nails are coming along nicely. Boba weighed in at just over 116 pounds.