As of Monday January 9th, 2012; BHRR's Barbie is officially AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!

She would do well either in a home with no other dogs or in one with another like minded plus personality fit pooch; male or female is of no matter. She is very versatile that way.

She has come a long way during her settling in period here! She is a strong woman as they say and had to learn that we all live in harmony. She seems to have a wee bit of a 'Napoleon' complex for she likes to get on top of BHRR's Lincoln and he just stands there, looks over his shoulder with a 'what? huh?' look. AND she is quickly corrected and taken off him.

She used to do this to BHRR's Beau and BHRR's Maggie May as well yet no longer.

She shares the water bowl without any issues and continues to eat good meals.

She is not a winter snow/cold or rainy outdoor lover though! HA! HA! Not like BHRR's Maggie May, the Pyr; who is more active than I have ever seen her and will spend quite some time tripoding in the almost 2.5+ acre fenced in yard  and laying so delightfully in the snow.

BHRR's Barbie is all 'business' when she goes outside. She does her 'thing', takes a quick jaunt and look around and is right back inside to enjoy the comforts of humans, warmth and soft beds!

She is a bit of a 'princess' that way. She does not look overly impressed when he tootsies get wet and one almost feels 'honoured' to be the one to have to dry her feet! LOL

She is soooooooooooooo affectionate to people. I have never seen a Pyr wag her tail as much and as high as she does in her enjoyment. She is not aloof in that manner at all. She is also not stubborn in the same manner as many Pyrs. Do not get me wrong, she is all Pyr yet not as 'I know you are calling me but I am not ready to listen or come in or do as you say and if I look the other way; you can't make me' kinda 'tude. OR BHRR's Maggie May is notorious of turning around and giving your her rump and tripoding off very methodically in the other direction! OH MY! BHRR's Holden is very Pyr himself in this manner.

BHRR's Barbie is a bit different in that way. Stubborn yet 'softer' and like any Pyr, loyal to a fault. She bonds so strongly and deeply and she would lay her life down for her family, if ever she felt she had to. It is that strong in how she feels about her family. She will give her forever loving home all of her, not half or a part, but all of her love and heart and soul. It is extremely humbling and touching.

She is a bit of a 'dog snob' and is going to always be particular about who is going to feel privileged to be a friend of hers! 😉 She will need a good leadership home, one that is firm yet fair and positively continues to guide her in the right direction.

She almost rolls her eyes at the antics of gooberhead's like BHRR's Riley and BHRR's Goliath! HEE!

She does not mind when it is time to brush and is ok with nails. She is completely housebroken, crate trained and has proven 100% trustworthy outside of a crate for up to 3 hours at a time. SHE is getting there. Not long now before she has free run of the house.

She is very quiet, low maintenance over all and those beautiful dark eyes of hers, surrounded by the black is STUNNING!

She is a beautiful female Great Pyr and would do well in a home that works from home, works pt, ft, flex hours, semi-retired or even retired.

She has no lingering effects from the cruelty done to her back foot. The dewclaw is no longer in the position it was before she was deliberately wrapped up in barbed wire yet that is no big deal. She is 100% healthy and ready for her new forever loving home!

Her leash manners are really good and she has been flying through obedience here with me. This does not exclude our mandatory obedience sessions per our application contract.

She really is a sweetheart and sooooooooooo soft to touch!