Once again we had really horrible weather yet I managed to still make the drive home and back again with Boba and Fancy to the vet tonight. Boba weighs 55.5KG(122.1 pounds) and his heart, lungs, hips and the rest of his body are in excellent health. He gets an A+ the vet told me. By looking at his teeth it appears that he should be younger than 4 years yet from looking at his eyes, they make him look older than 4 years. It took three of us quite some time to get his manicure/pedicure done yet what a trooper! We will continue to work on training those ‘quicks’ back. The best part for Boba was the treat that the lady at McDonald’s gave him after his vet visit! 🙂 He was also microchipped. Boba was so happy to come home that I don’t think my feet touched the ground once with him and Fancy pulling me so enthusiastically to the house! 🙂 WE will be working on those leash manners as well!