BHRR's Riley shall have his special 1-on-1 date on Saturday January 14th!!! SO excited for him!

I cannot wait to also get a new weight on this man. Come early January, he shall be placed up for adoption.

The most fascinating thing is that his BESTEST of best friends in the whole world is BHRR's Lincoln! WHO would have thunk it!!! They are so different in many ways; yet they are very attached to each other. You have goober head zippy clown man BHRR's Riley and then you have slow methodical calm and rational BHRR's Lincoln! Their play styles are sooooooo different but they make it work and they will spend hours upon hours together playing and snuggling.

Should one of them not be adopted early into the new year; we might have to seriously consider having them adopted as a pair for they are sooooooooooooooooooo bonded to each other already. We have very rarely done this in our almost 16 year history of operating; yet; I can see that this might be a possibility should neither one be adopted in early 2012.

BHRR's Riley also is such a 'ladies' man….just prancing(until he falls flat on his face as he trips on those big ol' clumper feet or long giraffe legs of his!) and proudly(if that is even possibly for goofman to act! AND wait until you see one of his 'takes' for our traditional XMAS photos! HA!) strutting himself around them! AND the girls are very emphatically not impressed! 😉

HE is such a HOOT! AND while very similiar to whom we have to believe is a close relative of his BHRR's Mr. Parker Paws; he is his own very distinct boy and has an 'edge' that BHRR's Mr. Parker Paws never had. This boy has a tough side to him, an edge/spine that his past/background has made him to be this way and it is sad. 🙁

If push comes to shove; he will stand his ground. AND while he may look silly and goofy doing it; we do not allow it to escalate. Any new home must understand that he cannot feel threatened by another dog for it can stress him; depending on the dog. So many people have met my Bleach and my TAIN and both make him a bit worried at times. AND for those that have met my two boyz; they are teddybear marshmallows yet they exude something that when the play gets escalated, that makes him a bit worried at times. AND BHRR's Cobalt and he are always trying to figure out who is going to be top dog of the day. BHRR's Riley keeps forgetting who is higher in the rank and poor BHRR's Cobalt is always having to remind him….that it is not BHRR's Riley and then BHRR's Riley is off running and playing and no worries.

How BHRR's Riley is with BHRR's Cobalt is similar in a way to how BHRR's Mr. Parker Paws was/is with BHRR's Mazda. EVERY day he saw her; it was like seeing a whole new dog and he was just so thrilled and excited to make her acquaintance. AND this is how BHRR's Riley is with BHRR's Cobalt; each and every day; it is like he sees BHRR's Cobalt for the very first time and they start from scratch. I think BHRR's Cobalt thinks BHRR's Riley might be missing a screw or two; in a loveable way of course! 😉

He is gently and firmly reassured and re-directed when he has moments of 'edginess' and he is then off doing the next crazy thing on his list…..well, I am not sure he even has a list as he lives so much in the moment and planning is not his strength. I am sure BHRR's Dana just rolls her eyes at him for she is very methodical, thorough and every antic is well thought out and planned! BHRR's Riley is more the 'on the spot' impulsive sort! HA!

He has been sooooooo much flippin' fun to have here! Never a dull moment and full of sweet affectionate loving personality that Sean says that sometimes he feels like he needs protective armor for it does not take much for BHRR's Riley to feel encouraged to play! AND that usually means some major GD leaning and body bumping and pushing and loving! 🙂

We already know that we would like to see BHRR's Riley in a home with at least one other right matched personality fit dog. Should the home not already have a dog; then we want to be assured that there is a strong enough network in place for BHRR's Riley to have lots of doggie friends via friends, family and neighbours to be social with.

He will do well in a home that are not couch potatoes themselves. A home that is active yet not overly so; for he likes his quiet in front of the fireplace and relaxing inside moments too.

A home that will be focused and committed to his continued obedience per our mandatory obedience clause.

His future forever loving home can be a pt, ft. flex hour, work from home, semi-retired or retired home. He is very versatile that way and as long as the home integrates well; he will not develop and SA behavours.

At this time, we would not recommend a home with cats or small dogs for he is all puppy love and still learning how to be gentle and not to splat others in his exuberance.

If the home has children, they really should be 8+.

We still crate him for his own safety and that of our home for he still has puppy antics. BUT I am proud of him in that he no longer counter surfs or garbage raids. He will occasionally still put his front feet on the kitchen sink so that he can drink from the tap and every once in a while would like to try and jump on the rare soul he wants to actually face kiss eye-to-eye with. BUT all minor offenses and continued correction is being done.

He is a bit of a kllutz, so; his new home will have to be mindful of BHRR's Riley complete disregard of his own safety as he crashes through bushes and trees; thinking they shall part for him…..uhmmm, no, it does not work that way bud! LOL

HE is such a ham!!!