This is BHRR's Journey
We received a call on the night of December 21st about a GD that had been picked up off the 401 in the 15 mm of freezing rain
*BHRR picked her up on the evening of the 22nd
*Emaciated – Body condition given 2/3 out of 10 – 74.58 pounds on December 23rd, 2011
*Numerous infected wounds – four really bad
*Frost bite and/or possible mange on ears
*No chip to be found
*Hair loss over spine, tail, elbows
*Scabs over many areas of her body
*Nails overgrown and curling into her feet
*Tail had been broken
*Unable to process food – kibble that had been given by angel who found her passed completely undigested through her body

December 23rd, 2011

If you want to be a Special Santa Help Elf to BHRR's Journey:

IF anyone wishes to donate to be a BHRR's Journey's Santa Elf '; you can donate direct to Kanata Animal Hospital:

(613) 836-2848 under the 'Birch Haven Rescue' account and under the name of  'Journey' and they will take Visa, M/C or AMEX over the phone.

OR via PayPal –

OR email transfer to

OR Cash in person at Kanata Animal Hospital 440 Hazeldean Road

With all the expenses we have had to date for BHRR's Atlas, BHRR's Veteran, the BHRR FREEDOM DOGS and holding money in trust for BHRR's Bloom's post-op care; we are very short in funds right now. All monies from our recent Online Auction has been used to assist with the above to date; and we know that we are just days before XMAS; yet we are desperate to try and help BHRR's Journey for she has survived this long and though her body might be wanting to faily her; her spirit is there!!!

AND if she is prepared to fight, I am too! One Vet that saw her last night wanted to just let her go; thought it might be more humane. I feel that I need to try; and with your assistance; I really believe she has a great chance of surviving.

I almost welled up when I first saw her and I did cry some tears when I called Sean to say that I had her and that she was worse than what I had been told – I had been told that she was 'thin'.  SHE is here, because someone cared enough to stop in the dark in rush hour traffic on the 401 in the 15 mm of freezing rain to help her. THEN, they called us.

She has spunk. Her body may be broken down, infected etc., but her heart is there with her mind and soul and Sean & I have discussed that we are not going to be doing any of our last minute XMAS shopping for each other etc.., instead; we are putting those monies as our a Santa's Elf to BHRR's Journey.

I know that I have said this before and I shall say it again; I am not above or below begging and pleading for the animals in need. AND I am doing so now, so close to XMAS; yet I am asking on my knees if need be; for people to consider donating to her vast medical bills.

ALL I can give you in turn at this time; is my deepest and most heartfetl and sincerest of thanks along with those of BHRR's Journey; for she would have died out there; and soon. Be it from a car hitting her; starvation or her wounds or a coyote attack or even from some person shooting her; she would have died and it would not have been long before it happened. There is nothing to her body right now….absolutely nothing but skin and bones. There is not even a lot of hair.

BHRR's Journey's Angels: