I made the drive to connect with the AMAZING Volunteer transporter on Sunday to pick up BHRR's Barbie! PICTURES have not done this beauty any justice! SHE is stunning! Just stunning!!!

She is a very outwardly affectionate Pyr(and those who understand Pyrs, know what I mean!).

She is not a large female Pyr – about 85 – 90 pounds and is now about 3.5 years of age. I could see where that barbed wire had cut deep into her hind right foot and poor her.

Something I want to share with all of  you is the intake description made by the HS in KY.

The date this report was made was May 23rd, 2011:

"There are lots of sad stories to be heard here at the shelter. But Barbie's is almost too sad to put into words. She had to fight battle after battle, never losing her gentle ways. When Barbie arrived at the shelter almost a month ago, we were appalled at what we found when we examined her. Her back right leg had wire tightly around it and it has obviously been like that for quite awhile. Sadly, it looked as it it had been purposefully done that way. An infection had set up underneath the wire and the bone had become exposed.

It was heartbreaking to see her fighting through the pain so quietly. She never once showed any type of aggression, because of the pain that we are so sure she was in. Our Vet and Vet Tech worked so diligently dressing and cleaning her wound and it began healing. But don't think that this injury has stopped Barbie from being her happy self.

Sadly, poor Barbie's troubles would not end here.

We soon found out that she was heartworm positive. we just could not imagine how it could get any worse for Barbie, and then it happened.

She will now have to undergo painful treatments to get rid of them when they could have easily been prevented with a monthly pill.

Honestly, if any animal deserves the most amazing, loving home, it is Barbie. She is the most gentle dog we have ever had. She walks perfectly on a leash and will stay right at your side. She has so much love to give and always tries to show it.

She constantly wants to be next to her person and will either lean against you or lay down where she is able to touch you in some way.

Her energy level is low; she is the type of dog that would be perfect to have as a couch potato. She listens perfectly and is so obedient. We are requiring her to have an indoor home where she will never be mistreated again and can really be a part of a family, something she may never have known.

Her soul is so beautiful and vibrant and we cannot STAND to see her stay here one more day when she has already been through so much.

Please come and meet Barbie today and you will see the true meaning of unconditional love. Doesn't she deserve it!!"