I always believe in given credit where it is due and BHRR's Bloom is here today thanks to her guardian angel, Stephanie. Thanks go to the sweet couple who found her in their cornfields and when they realised they could not keep her, Stephanie brought in into not just her own home but heart and family.
BHRR has dealt with many surrenders in our almost 16 year history, yet; none have shown the level of commitment and heart that she has. Many say they will help raise funds for much needed medical and rehab care and will stay in touch or donate and you know….you just know that as soon as you have the dog signed over; they are gone….
Not in this case, Stephanie promised BHRR's Bloom that she would be there for her and do whatever it took and she did. NO dog could ask for better and we look forward in continuing that stellar level in her rehab care now that she he is from her surgery at the DMV.
Biggest task….keep her calm and quiet. Two more weeks before we can take that cast off. Then another 4 weeks very limited exercise before post-op X-Rays to determine if she can then be placed up for Adoption.
One step at a time…
Right now, she is settling in excellently and now telling me it is time to stop typing and give her some love!! :)- Sassy pants!!
Thanks Stephanie for everything! You did a fantabulous job with her and we still feel privileged to have been contacted to assist her.
For those who have never met either Stephanie or BHRR's Bloom; if/when you do; you will be so touched with how aweseome both are!