For those that wish to follow the journey/updates of all the PRU seized dogs that I have termed FREEDOM DOGS; there is now a Facebook FAN – Freedom DOGS Unite – page  for those involved in the seizure – Red Rover, MAPAQ, HSI Canada, the Volunteers, the reputable/quality rescue partners, the donaters, the well wishers and the adopters of what I have termed the FREEDOM DOGS! A name that has now gone viral! 🙂

MAY their journey now pave the way for future 'FREEDOM DOGS' and this page is dedicated to the FREEDOM DOGS UNITE! For we know that THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! 🙂

The saving of all of these hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of dogs from PRU's was the combined effort of so many likeminded folks! This was something so much larger and incredible that has happened for these precious creatures by all these FANTABULOUS folks working together. 🙂