It is time to add Porridge’s page. He is one of 9 pups born to a byber and I first was called in to assess/help with this litter/mom/home when the litter was 2 weeks old. I made the almost 4 hour drive to evaluate them and imagine my despair when I found the litter outside(they were born at the end of March). The litter already showed signs of sickness including the mom and I spent quite a few hours trying to work with the owner and to provide food/blankets/supplies and strongly urged the owner to take them to the Vet. As we had no ‘legal’ authority to seize the littler/mom; there was only so much I could do. I left later that day with a very ‘sick’ feeling in my stomach over what would be the fate of all of these animals. It took one month of dedication to be able to get back to this place to have the right to take the animals and by then, the mom and three of the puppies had died. 😥 The day I arrived; the litter now just over 6 weeks; had another pup dead in the outside pen. We had to humanely let two more of the pups go as they were just skin and bones plus so sick/weak, now leaving only three pups out of 10 Great Danes when I was first there a month previously. The owner was feeding the puppies combined; only a total of 1/4 cup of food, two or three times a day(she could not remember how often she fed them.). The Vet that came with me that day, Dr. Armstrong is to be deeply credited for us saving two of the remaining pups, who at the time were given a survival prognosis of about 60%. Now, named Fiona and Tinka; they shall be adopted by Dr. Armstrong later next month after they are spayed and microchipped. I took the remaining pup home with me in the hopes that we would be able to successfully rehabilitate/adopt him. He, now named Porridge by my son; was treated for Coccidia and sadly, we have learnt that he also has Mega. This past week has been a very tough week for him with his Mega and he is now being treated for aspiration pneumonia. He shall not be up for adoption and shall remain as part of our Haven Dog Program for what shall remain of his life.