Since my last update; I have kept an even closer track of the amount/type of ‘inquiries’ that have come in on Mazda. It is clearly stated that Mazda gets along with other dogs and yet I have received 17 inquires asking that question. I have even mentioned above her relationship with Fancy and pictures are posted with them together. I have received 21 inquires in respect to wondering if she has been spayed; 15 inquiries as to her age; 29 inquiries asking if her ears are cropped; 9 inquiries as to whether or not she has yet been adopted; 35 inquires as to whether she is social plus affectionate; 18 inquiries as to her colour; 11 inquiries as to what our adoption processes are for her; 13 inquiries as to whether she is a female or male and the list goes on and on. All of this information is posted on our websites and so please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself in respect our animals plus our program/processes/policies/procedures.