BHRR’s Shiva – Black female Great Dane, 1 year of age, spayed and what we have been told is that the woman wants and feels she needs to give her up as she is a single working mom and works all day. We have been told that it is believed that Shiva suffers from SA(Separation Anxiety) and we were contacted as the contact for the SPCA Monteregie would like to keep her out of a shelter environment. We have been told (trying to make a connection with the woman who owns Shiva) that she can keep her until August 18th as she is on vacation so she is at home with her; yet I received a message from this woman that would like to drop her to us tomorrow. We will need to connect for BHRR cannot take her until the 18th and would dearly love to assist. Shiva is apparently good outside yet if she is left alone in the house; will chew, go to the bathroom and bark non-stop. When there are people home; Shiva is supposedly; obedient, calm, social, friendly with children, visitors etc. We have also been told that the woman has contacted a trainer, tried anxiety medication(we will be asking for vet records as we also need to know if Shiba is utd on shots, HWT, HWpreventative etc.) and yet when Shiva is alone she gets very upset. This woman got the Dane at 6 months of age from someone else and has never owned a dog before. We will update Shiva’s blog as we can and I am hoping that I can make direct contact soon for as mentioned above; we would love to help Shiva. NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!