BHRR's Veteran is DOING amazing!! Below are two photos; one taken after he was here for one week and one taken on November 27th, after he had been here for two weeks.

He is soooooooooooooo affectionate, becoming more confident and playful and as more time goes by, he is becoming 'younger' and younger. I would say that he is closer to 2 years than anything at this time. It is almost as if through time, he is shedding the weight of much worry from his back and shoulders; as cheesy as that may sound.

HE just loves my 16 month old GD Sir Maestro and he is soooooooooooo free with his kisses. He almost will 'hug' you with his head on your shoulder.

His obedience is coming along very nicely. I truly can not get over how gentle he is about taking treats. For a dog so starved and neglected, he is very gentle about taking treats from you and if something falls on the floor, he does not resource.

He has been fully integrated with everyone here other than BHRR's Atlas and they tend to worry each other still. AND he loves to try and 'push' BHRR's Atlas's buttons, knowing that BHRR's Atlas is not so fond of him either. They are soooooooooooo much better around each other yet it still comes across that there is some form of 'history' between them. They sleep in crates near each other, they eat in their crates near each other without any issues yet if one makes any sounds even remotely that could be misconstrued as being anything negative; then the other grumps back. AND BHRR's Veteran LOVES to go up to BHRR's Atlas' crate and 'tease' him which sets off BHRR's Atlas.

BHRR's Veteran has a very deep sound to him and if one did not know him better, one would think that he might be growling but he is all typical GD noises.

He is learning about toys and gosh, rope toys delight him to know end or things that he can toss. The playbows that he makes is so heartwarming.

He still does not quite understand about many things and you have to be careful of flightly movements or hands that come from above wtih items in hand.

I am looking forward in getting a new weight on him yet I do believe that in about three weeks time(our mandate is to keep all animals at BHRR for at least 5 weeks); before placing them up for adoption so that we can really get to know them and learn what type of home is in their best interest.

BHRR's Veteran is just so grateful for the love and attention he is getting and in a way that makes me sad FOR he should have been getting that all along yet that was not what his past held for him.

We are attending a humane education event on Saturday for a few hours and I am thinking of bringing BHRR's Veteran with me. I will see how the rest of this week goes.

BHRR's Veteran had the BEST time at our recent BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House. It was so wonderful for people to see how far he has come in such a short time! He is a very special boy all unto himself and he is going to make his right matched home a most wonderful addition! We do feel that he should go to a home with at least one other right matched personality fit dog, someone experienced with Great Danes is great yet not mandatory; a home that is going to continue to enrich him and be there for him and not only give him love but structure, guidance and consistency with a very patient hand.

BHRR's Veteran November 20th & BHRR's Veteran November 27th, 2011*He loves Sean's earring and will gently nibble it!

NOTE: BHRR's Veteran was being 'known' as 'Kingston' for the short time he was under the expert care of ARC. We changed his name for a couple of reasons – one; we already had a 'Kingston' in our own home. Two; this was around Rememberance Day and that BHRR's Veteran has gone through his own battles/war and bears the scars of his 'time' in the trenches. This could not have been a more perfect choice for him!