Mazda is healing well after her spay. Her first night home was a wee bit rough with a couple of vomits and then diarrhoea for a few more days after that. We now have her posted on our PetFinder site and applications are begin to come in to be considered in adopting her. THIS girl is stunning inside and out and she really does not need us or our program anymore. She is very social, friendly and will have very little trouble settling into a new home. Her obedience will need to be continued as she is a very strong girl both physically plus mentally and for the wrong inexperienced home, she will walk all over you. I call her lovingly my ‘mule’ for if someone is trying to walk her that is unsure or hesitant, she will only listen if treats are involved. Otherwise she will just sit or stand with this ‘look’ on her face that I could only compare to a mule! LOL With me, she knows that when the leash goes on, it is time to walk and off we go and she is expected to walk in a heal until I ‘release’ her. She knows that walking for me is not pulling, yanking or even being a ‘mule.’ She knows authority when she hears it and listens beautifully yet if you hope to have her share your bed; you better make sure it is a King Sized one as she has no qualms about taking over what space she feels she needs! 🙂 Sean is forever waking up with a number limb as she is lying on him! While not a violent cuddler, she is soooooooooo affectionate and has really claimed Sean as her own. This girl has personality+ and she is like a star burning brightly and making our lives shine!