Here is a very well put together  VIDEO of the work that ARC has done for the community in Lac Simon and for all the animals there. It is just shy of 10 minutes long yet so worth the viewing.

My deepest respect plus admiration extends immensely out to ARC and their supporters/volunteers for this historical lifechanging event they have done!

They left 'no one behind', educated and saved SOOOO many lives! I am deeply humbled to have been a small part of this HUGE amazing heartwarming experience! KUDOS to the community for taking a 'take charge' forward approach to finding a better resolution to the overpopulation of animals in their community

Thanks for sharing! BHRR's Veteran and BHRR's Atlas; some of the dogs feature in the above video; are also very grateful to everyone….they have the gift of life as I have said before thanks to ALL of you!

BHRR's Veteran & Atlas with Karla – from ARC saying her good-byes before they head to their rehab journey @ BHRR

From Karla in respect to BHRR's Veteran posted on a photo of him on our BHRR FB FAN PAGE:

"This gorgeous dog has maintained a steadfast spirit despite his former neglect. I will never forget the Animal Rescue Corps truck driving past him and screeching to a halt when we saw his statuesque figure watching us from 30 feet away. I got out of the truck and walked a few feet slowly towards him. As soon as I kneeled down and extended my hand he came bounding happily towards us. He couldn't believe his luck. He rode with me in the back seat (because we couldn't fit him anywhere else!) on his way to safety and eventual to the exuberant embrace of BHRR. He is destined for greatness."

From Karla in respect to BHRR's Atlas posted on a photo of him on our BHRR FB FAN PAGE:

"I remember the first time I saw Atlas on the streets. Animal Rescue Corps couldn't believe the state he was in. We picked up his hunched, crumbling figure, because he just didn't have the energy to walk, and carried him to transport to our emergency shelter. Within a few days of good food, medical care, some r&r and love, he was bounding around with us in the grass. Atlas is going to make a lucky family wonder what they ever did without him".