BHRR's Rain went to her temp foster home yesterday and it did not take her long to settle in at all! New photos added to her slideshow and two of them are below.

She was a bit worried about their hardwood(newer and shinier than ours) and the stairs(we are a bungalow built into a hill with wide sweeping stairs up to the house) yet in taking my suggestion re: treats and then moving forward like it was 'no big deal' – SUCCESS!

Small update from her temp fostermom this AM:

"Rain did so well her first night here, great idea with the treats and getting her up the stairs! She slept in the ensuite bathroom off the master I'm assuming because the floor were cold, when I woke up she was snuggled beside our bed on one of the dog beds!!
Off for a little walk!
Have a great day.

BHRR's Rain – November 12th, 2011 & BHRR's Broker(ADOPTED) with BHRR's Rain November 12th, 2011