BHRR"s Harley is NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! YAY! His abscess has healed beautifully and he is ready to go! What a great boy!!!

He likes to lay in an open crate here when he wants some 'space' and 'quiet' time as BHRR is a busy place. He is no longer crated at BHRR regardless if we go away for 20 minutes or 5 hours. I know sometimes he likes for me just to make sure the door is fairly closed for privacy at times as we do have BHRR's Brick & BHRR's JS, the two GD puppies and they can get really 'going'! 😀

ONE of his closest friends right now is BHRR's Brick, the almost 3 month old GD. He plays REALLY well with him! Sometimes he might get a bit rough with the 'thumping' of the front paws but he settles down with a reminder of 'gentle.'

This boy is very special and has been a great addition to BHRR in terms of helping to teach some of the gooberheads some manners! LOL

He has a mischievous side as he KNOWS he is not to horseplay in the house BUT he can be caught rocking the house with our 15 month old GD Sir Maestro. Many would find it hard to believe this boy turned 6 for he is active when he wants and needs to be and a model citizen of mannerisms and behavour when he should be….ok, for the most part for he does get caught up in playing with SIr Maestro at times.

This boy is such a lovely gentleman and may his forever loving home come along soon. DO NOT let the age of 6 turn you away from considering him NOR that he is a big black dog. He is kind, gentle(with treats, food and loving), sweet, affectionate and so special. A very calm, stable temperament and solid with his obedience. I have had two of my own almost live to just under 13, had a friend have one of hers live to 15 and another live to 17. The average lifespan is about 10-12 years, NOT 5-7.

He is happy, healthy and only the right matched home for him shall be considered!

Below are two photos taken on October 18th, 2011 at BHRR, enjoying the fall day. NOT the best due to lighting yet you can see how majestic he is. He also likes to 'pose' butt first. That is his 'signature' style! LOL

BHRR's Harley – October 18th, 2011