So BHRR's Lincoln had his Vet visit tonight. Great news; up in weight…bad news it was only 5 pounds….BUMMER! 🙁 He now weighs 65.5 KGs(144.10 pounds). Day by day we shall go. Eat more BHRR's Lincoln, you have to eat more!!!

Everyone marvelled at his lovely soft fur over his belly, elbows, face and ears! His sweet temperament, laid back 'tude and gentle demeanor sure has impressed so many!!! My heart just throbs with love for this man!!!

He is so happy and looks so good and we have mulled over placing him into a temp foster yet as long as he is on Pred, he really needs to go out every 4-5 hours. Though, his dose is only now a mere 20 mg EOD for the next month and then we shall see about weaning him even further off the pred; he is still drinking and urinating copious amounts. The strange thing is that pred ofter makes dogs hungry and BHRR's Lincoln is so busy living life that food is not a huge part of his agenda each day. He is eating sooooooo much better yet still not up to what he needs to be; especially compared to his activity level.

So, the plan is to keep attempting to get him to eat 3-5 smaller meals a day and wean him off the Pred and after that, if need be, we have a wonderful temp foster home lined up to take him in to see if a more quiet home environment will get him to focus more on eating and less on all the other dogs and activities he can do here! 🙂

As BHRR's Lincoln is doing soooooooo much better, he was given his first boosters tonight.

He shall remain under our Haven Program at this time. He needs to put on a lot more weight before he can be placed up for adoption. We do not desire to see him go to a home before he is really ready and he will need to go to a home that is going to be very patient and understanding of his food habits!!! He definitely has much more of an interest in food now than he has had in the past and he sure wants to eat the other dogs food yet that is a no-no.

I am now giving him hypoallergenic treats(YAY!) without issue and once his autoimmune system is even stronger, I want to see if we could try a FROMM Whitefish or FROMM Salmon with him. I think that as long as he is on a super premium quality food and with any seasonal allergies under control, he should fare well yet I am not going to go down that route until he is at a much better weight.