A new picture of Hamilton Slide #10 has been added. HE is HUGE now!!!! I have to bring him in for a new weight! He has recovered beautifully from his neuter and his bestest of buds remains Lil Linus! HE is so patient and tolerant of Lil Linus! His hind end causes him some troubles getting up from lying and we try to keep him on soft surfaces yet being the Newf he is; unless it is freezing; he is hot! The gorgeous black hair on his ears is already turning auburn in the sun!!!! I have not yet decided if Hamilton The Newf shall be accompanying me at the end of May to a meet-up being held in TO. He is amazing here as many can attest too yet in social surroundings outside of home; he is still refusing to pee and needless to say; how much room he shall take up on the vehicle! LOL He seems to have a following and with an invite of a friend to stay at her place; I might feel better about bringing him and two Dane pups with her free hands. THEN the problem shall be trying to pry Hamilton and the two Danes away from people to get home. ­čśŤ We really┬ácould use the┬ápositive publicity to generate funding to our program and to also promote how amazing the Giant Breeds are; so much to think about.