Wow you are amazing

I would like to thank you for sharing your family with us all. I read Frost T’s story awhile ago and was amazed by your strength and love. I love children and animals and those who are abused hurt or special touch a particular chord in my heart. I am a child and youth care worker for high risk teens and youth.I often feel i have seen it all. Violence,aggression(acting out), needless injuries and pain all cries for help but only a few hear it which always amazes me. Kids and animlas are resilant they always want to go home or find a home that loves them. You show everyday how committed you are to your animals by not only caring for them but by raising your children who are beautiful by the way with these animals. You teach your children empathy, compassion and unconditional love by following your heart. Gwen and your husband Sean are to be commended You do a beautiful thing. I have taught all my dogs our own sign language as it keeps them safe because they are always looking at me and no one else knows the signs unless through me. I fell in love with Frost T and your story I hate the final decision it’s so painful but none of my dog’s have evr crossed to the bridge but in my arms. You are an amazing woman. Theme here seems to be amazing people, kids,and animals. So what does a girl from Alberta want well i love Linus and all the dogs but Linus hits the heart strings hard. I am a single mom and i don’t have a tonne of cash so i was wondering if i could make you quilts for your dogs to lie on wrap up in pee on what evr they want. I make simple nine squares but they are always really bright and soft. I make them for kids and i would like to make some for you. What size do you think they would need. My quilts are not perfect but neither is any child or dog so they usually like them. Please let me know if this is acceptable to you Thanks for your time, I know it is precious Cathie from Calgary