She finally began to drink a bit around 2 AM Monday and ate a bit around 12:45 PM Monday.

BHRR's Maggie May weighted 36.9 KGs(81.18 pounds) when I had her at the Vets. AND yes, to all that have emailed me, she would weigh more if she had that fourth leg… 😉 She needs more weight and more muscle tone for sure and after she is shaved, she will be even less.

We gave Maggie May some Drontal Plus as it was noted that she had tapeworm traces in the fur around her rump. She was still very weak and rested a lot at the Hospital. She was loving, sweet, wagged her tail and was an angel in the back large run. She allowed the Vet and I to shave her in various spots to look at her skin and it was noted that she has some bacterial lesions around her amputation site, some seroma pockets(nothing deemed necessary for antibiotics or draining) and we are going to be watching her hind end as she becomes more healthy to better determine if how she is moving is due to her not being strong as of yet, learning to be a tripod, the floor, needing a nail trim etc.

I have an appointment booked for Friday to have her completely shaved down as the Vet agreed with me that it is the best thing for her to begin to start over in getting her coat white and back to being well groomed. She had a very busy day and was exhausted. She was very happy to come home, travelled awesome in the car and ate a bit once we arrived home. I could tell that she was happy to be back!

AND even on the drive into KAH, she actually placed her head on my shoulder…now, didn't that just make my heart melt….she is sooooooooooo sweet! AND yet not hesitant about showing her Pyr side when she does not want to do something! LOL

She is not anywhere near an energy level to interact on any real level with the dogs here and so, we are keeping her quiet and only allowing the more mature dogs around her.

I have 2 hours blocked off on Friday to be there for her grooming and we shall go slow and easy and the groomer has been made aware AND was just awesome to talk to re: that BHRR's Maggie May cannot stand for any length of time.

I also called CWW(Canine Water Wellness) today to have a referral form faxed to KAH to have the Vet sign and fax back to set up some swim therapy sessions for her.

We shall be doing a 'MONEY MARATHON MOVEMENT' for Maggie May Fundraiser; whereby all monetary donations that come to BHRR over the next week will go directly to her USA bills incurred to date –

Fundraiser begins Monday June 13th @ 8:00 AM EST and shall end Monday June 20th @ 8:00 AM EST. All monies raised will be used to pay for the $400+ bill in TN, USA and then her $3,000+ bill in KY for her leg amputation. We are setting a tough high goal of $1,000 and plead to our supporters, followers, fans and believers to donate even $5.00 to her cause!  No amount is too little!

You can donate by email transfer to or by PayPal(account is OR you can write a check/MO or Bank Draft out to ‘Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services’ OR to ‘Gwendilin & Sean Boers’ for her Vet Bills with BHRR’s Maggie May in the memo section and mail to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0