I believe when I got up on the morning of the 8th, that I already knew what I had to do with Liquorice. She and I have begun a very special journey together since November 5th and I think that as we have come so far together as is, that we have to at least try the Pred. and see where it takes us. If it gives her even that X amount of quality time, then that is worth it and I have to look at what ‘quality of life’ is for Liquorice right now compared to what she had in the past and take that into consideration over thinking about the fact that she cannot run and/or play like other ‘normal’ dogs. AS Liquorice is not normal and I have no idea the last time, if ever, that she was a ‘normal’ dog and I truly should know better than to not compare her that way. I need to compare her to what I believe she has experienced in the past and when I do that THERE is no doubt that she is having a HUGE quality of life here with us. If quality of life for X amount of time is to enjoy our very short little strolls and to share a wee bit of ice cream here and there or to lie close to each other on my bed or to give her some major soft scratches and rubs and just to offer up every comfort possible for her and amuse her little whims of wanting to stockpile the toys and give the other dogs the daring ‘eye’ only to laugh at them as they sit in confusion not quite sure what to do about it; then that is SOOOO much more quality of life that she has had in the past. There will be no litters, there will be no abuse, no starving, no pain and only warmth, treats, love, comfy beds and a full belly etc. and so yup, I just have to go the Pred route with her and be very vigilant about the pneumonia concern. I live it every day with Frost ‘T’ as is and having two dogs to worry about and having to get them outside to pee every 1-1.5 hours is not hardship for me! So, we are planning on spending the extra monies for the meds etc. and to monitor from there. We have already spent just under $700.00 so what is X amount more in money to give her something I feel she not only deserves but has earned through being given such a life of misery. I also know from the emails that we have received that Liquorice has touched the hearts of quite a few people and so she has many people in her corner rooting her on!!!! She has had others ‘fail her’ and I am not going to do the same. Yes, I am aware that she will die and yet, we all die and I will ensure that she has her dignity when it is her time to go as I do this for her plus I will stay in close loop with the Vets and be vigilant as to when the quality of life that she is currently experiences diminishes. The NSAIDS will help with her discomfort and the Pred will help with some of the other medical issues; so we will try our best and see how long that it will be ‘enough’ for her. I was also contacted by the other Rescue last night that had her and they wanted to know if perhaps some of what Liquorice has now is a result of her not getting the proper care from her previous owner. I have directed them and their DA (the Rescue felt that more charges might be laid & I am clearly no expert as to why this is so as the case had already been closed & could only hope that this could be the case if so) if need be to talk to my Vet(s)( and they will advise if all of this needs to go through lawyers) as this is not part of my league. I also imparted to them that at this time, I have no idea if my Vet(s) have even contacted their Rescue’s Vet to discuss what testing that Rescue may have done on her during the length of time that they have had her as the Vet records handed over to BHRR were very limited. At this time, my priority is Liquorice and I must forge forward as to what is in Liqourice’s best interest. I also asked the Rescue when they are hosting their Gala for we wanted to post any new $ amount for her care on one of her updates. Betty, bless your kind soul and heart has also offered to help sponsor her if need be and if there ever was a dog that needed to know that there are kind people in the world; it is Liquroice! So, Liquorice will have her own Santa Stocking this year and it will be put up with care in the knowledge that this is one girl that has been GOOD this year & had the right to be spoiled! 🙂