I am a little worried about Liquorice’s breathing and I do not like how her lips ‘puff’ when she does breathe. She will be having a full cardiac exam when she goes in for her appointment. I am also very saddened to see that if ever she hears a raised voice, she blinks, cringes a bit and her body posture(of which she carries everything very low to begin with the poor thing)really hunkers down. She has moments of pure fun plus a little play movement outside and then every once in a while a sharp movement will make her flinch and close her eyes as if she thought a ‘blow’ was coming. I am almost brought to tears over seeing this and I always get outraged to think someone could do this to animals for she is such a magnificent creature! Liquorice is very unobtrusive, quiet and I know that it has taken a lot for her to approach for affection and love WHICH she does yet she acts almost like she thinks she may be rejected OF WHICH we would never do. If she wants love, I will put everything down and just sit plus hold her and give her all that she can handle. Already, she has the confidence to move right up to me should I be giving loving to some of the other dogs SO that is a great sign! I already feel that this girl should go to a home where somebody works part-time, or is semi-retired or retired or where someone is home all the time FOR Liquorice deserves to have the constant human interaction and assurance by presence of someone. She has been absolutely stupendous with my kids. Though it is very early yet; I am also leaning towards her being the only dog in the house or if there is another dog; one not dominant for that would not draw Liquorice out of her shell and could make her retreat further or become mildly defensive in trying to protect herself yet a dog that has the right outgoing social plus interaction skills that Liquorice can continue to learn from. Should Liquorice bond with any of the adoptable Danes here; I would then only adopt her out as part of a pair just as we did with Samari. Liquorice still has not felt comfortable venturing further than our main family area. I sleep with the bedroom door open to hopefully see her come in yet she has not yet done so. Treats will not bring her any further than the hallway there as well, so time and patience of which I have plenty! She has also finally begun to eat more than what a bird would eat. I find myself so capable of writing a novel where this girl is concerned and so, I know that my heart is going deep on this one! 🙂