BHRR’s Liquorice – Female, Adult, Black Great Dane, approximately 4 years old(2002), housebroken, utd on shots(March 29th, 2007), HW+(which we will confirm); will be altered after pre surgery bw & will also be microchipped, examined with a manicure plus pedicure on the agenda. Is presently on HG, great with kids, obedient, wonderful with other dogs(she is now interacting with 11 other dogs to date) and is only mildly grumpy when someone comes near her food or the bed she has claimed as hers. We are working on that! She is also a low voice ‘talker’ and is the sweetest, most affectionate and gentlest of creatures! She is actually quite submissive and this grumpiness comes from her past history for Liquorice along with 34 other Danes(I have her nephew Thor in our program too) was seized as part of a cruelty case that took over 2 years to settle with custody being handed over to another Rescue. Apparently, the original owner would just pour some food in a line over the fence and there was never enough to go around. The poor thing was bred on every heat since she could breed and so her body has ‘puppy spread’ as I call it. She has been very gentle in taking treats and has had no issues with me touching her food etc. I also do not seem to have a record of her current weight. When she was with the other Rescue’s home, she had the tip of one ear and one of her nipples torn off by another dog and the nipple was sewn back on. I can see a bit of ‘spunk’ inside of her and she can be playful but is still somewhat unsure and is a low head carrier plus tail wagger. She has not eaten much since her arrival and I am working on tempting her. She has had full run of the house since she has arrived and has had no issues. SHE loves one of the Blue Bean Bag chairs yet I took the pictures below when she was sleeping on one of the other beds as she looked so CUTE!