BHRR’s Caramel!
One of our Haven Danes. 
I opened the window to talk to Sean – and Mr. Caramel poked his head in to say hello! 
This boy has come SO far since he arrived in rescue on December 20th, 2019.
Scared of literally everything, had stomach & skin issues and severe ear infections, and was good with female dogs yet only ok with male dogs smaller than him. With humans, he could be selective due to his fear yet warmed up given time.
Well……fast forward to today; his bff is Mr. Athos, another male Great Dane(one of our 3 Musketeers).
He loves The Beans – once he realised they would not eat him & he is fantastic with my two male Wolfies too.
He just needs time and patience, and understanding plus we do not baby him. We do not feed his anxieties & this boy is doing amazing!!!
We do not take a lot of pictures of him as the camera does terrify him, yet, I was able to snap this one fast after whipping out my phone when he poked his head through the window.
I love this boy. He is full of personality; we do not push him past his boundaries – we show him new plus exciting things, and he extends his boundaries when he is comfortable. His boundaries have gotten so much larger since his arrival.
I wish more people could see how wonderful he truly is….his owner discarded him like trash to a shelter.
Well, we adore him….he is safe & he lives a grand life with us.