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On January 18th, Miss Brooklyn was back in to see the Vet.

This is her face….
We also did her cardiac X-rays and a cardio pet reading. Then those were sent off along with her records, including the latest findings from this Vet visit to a cardiologist to review as we found out that she had a heart murmur. One Vet thought it was a 3 when she was first at EVC. The Vet that saw her on the 18th felt it was a 1. We needed to be proactive to find out what is happening with Miss Brooklyn.
I had put $1,500 of what had been sent to date as a deposit for Miss Asante’s bilateral eye surgery on the 26th as I can only put so much money down at one time – card limits – and within the blink of an eye that amount has been eaten up by Miss Brooklyn and Miss Asante’s other vet visit.  I had planned on putting down money daily over a few days until the total amount for her surgery had been placed on account at EVC.
We have had a generous $100 donated over the past week and now still need to make up $1,400 for Miss Asante’s surgery.
Every year it becomes harder and harder as bills increase for vetting and food etc.  BHRR remains mostly financed out of pockets of Sean & and lately, we have been paying for special fish-based food for almost 8 dogs along with bills such as Miss Olives’ almost $1,200 monthly medications. We also pay for Mr. Brutus’ medications at almost $700 a month.
I am working two jobs to ensure each animal lacks nothing.
We also cover most of the monthly flea/tick/hw plus deworming meds for the dogs, treats, toys, collars, leashes, dog beds, and cleaning supplies.
Unfortunately, this is just not sustainable. After being in operation since 1996, each month is becoming so much harder than the previous one.
Any consideration would be so appreciated…and we have our Empties collection program too!