Health Status: HEALTHY!

Age: ~5 years

Weight: ~130 pounds. We want to keep him lean/muscled and fit.

Type of Home Ideal For Mr. Titan: He loves his walks and car rides and interacts well with people/dogs he meets, and we are hoping for a quiet, socially low-active level home. A residence that, while visiting family plus friends and has people over, is not hosting frequent BBQs or gatherings of large groups of people. We do not want to see him in a home with a high level of travel, with other people taking care of him. He is loyal and loves his humans, and we want him part of the family if they go camping, go to the cottage, or do other fun travels. His quietly social and needs a home that is like him. He would adore cottage life or hang out at home with his family. Visiting friends, family, pet stores, and pet-friendly places are great too.

A home that understands and shall continue to help him learn about this big fantastic world that we live in. We want him to live a quality, filled, wonderful life rich with experiences. He missed out on so much before his rescue. He is being fostered in a wonderful home in the city yet can equally live comfortably in the country. We had fostered him in our house when he first arrived, and he is equally lovely in either environment.

We want him to be happy, to live his best life every day. We want him to reach his full potential!

He is another versatile BHRR dog! He can be in a home that works ft; pt works from home, semi-retired or retired, etc. He will ONLY go to a home prepared to ensure that he receives the balance he requires with proper exercise, socialisation, etc.

He does not need to go to a dog or even a Dane-experienced home. The home must be committed to his obedience, structure, and consistency, and to be patient, kind, and understanding, and while not hermits, they are not doing a hundred things each day. We want him to be treated as a cherished member in a right-matched forever-loving home.

He shares the communal water bowls and toys and understands that no human or dog will take his high-value food. He is fed in a quiet place and knows that he will be fed enough food, fed on time and that no one will take his food away.

He is very gentle in taking treats!

He loves home and his friends – he needs canine friends! He also loves to explore, go on small hikes, walks, and car rides, and visit people/places that are not over the top busy. We are not advocates of dog parks.

He needs a home that will give him new positive and great safe, memorable experiences. If you are a home that likes to take infrequent walks/hikes/strolls, Mr. Titan is not for you…he is a healthy Dane and needs to be kept emotionally and physically stimulated. He would make a great companion to get out into nature, explore and even enjoy the beach and having other small adventures! He also makes the best movie and book reading companion.

Personality/Temperament: Loving, affectionate, calm, quiet inside the home, yet loves to get outside to romp, run, and is figuring out so much more about playing! He needs to be emotionally/physically properly stimulated, uber-sweet, social, active, affectionate, gentle, plus kind. He thrives with consistency, structure, routine, and clear open communication to understand exactly what is expected of him. He is such a character!

Previous Dog Experience: Previous dog experience is not required per the above. While we would ideally like to see him in a home with at least one right-matched personality fit dog – it is not a deal-breaker. He needs a doggie friend network. That is so important. We have friends, he needs friends too. He has enjoyed meeting other dogs! He has gotten along with every dog he has met in our home, and his foster has not said otherwise during his time with them.

Good With Cats: He has been OK with our clinic cat, and while he is fine with one of the cats in his foster home, he still does show some interest in their other cat. We are therefore leaning on him being placed in a no-cat home. We have been told that squirrels are his mortal enemy!  

Good with Pocket Pets: Unknown. We would not recommend it.

Good with Children: NO small children. Children are fast, flighty, unpredictable, spastic, plus loud. We will consider homes with responsible children 12+ and no more than two children in the house. A home without children is our first preference, as we want Mr. Titan to be the priority. He has not had any issues with children.

Grooming: He is fine to wash and do his nails. He only needs a soft bristle brush on his coat once a week, and we recommend a monthly bath.

Car: NO issues travelling in the car. He settles down beautifully.

Housebroken/Crate Trained: He is housebroken and Crate trained. We never recommend that any new addition be given too much freedom to start. It can be very overwhelming plus too stimulating for them.

Obedience: He requires a home that will be consistent and dedicated to continuing to help him become the best dog that he can be. His potential is enormous! His harness manners are still a work in progress. He becomes excited when he sees other dogs on walks. Distraction training is being worked on, too, in this area. He is fine walking on the way back home on a loose lead.

Activities Suited For Him: Cherished family companion!

He loves tug of war, his walks, ‘dance’ parties where he prances with happiness! Keeping you company while you work on the computer – the best kind of supervisor!

Loves & Bad Habits: While he is excellent with one of the cats in his foster home, he still does show some interest in their other cat. We are therefore leaning on him being placed in a no-cat home. We have been told that squirrels are his mortal enemy!  

Per his foster home, ‘full on early AM head/face rubs are a must!’

He does still pull on his harness when out and about. He is so excited to be soaking up and experiencing all of the things that he lacked in life before being rescued. On the way back from walks, he can be on a loose lead, yet, he becomes super excited when he sees other dogs – does meet and greet appropriately – that he will bark too. All things that are being worked on. He is like that four-month-old puppy in a five-year-old Dane body.

He loves keeping his one human company while they work from home.

Like any dog, he is not perfect. He is perfect in all of his imperfections, though! NOT to mention super handsome with his merle colouring.

He is an awesome dog! So low maintenance!

Anxieties/Worries: It is integral that the right matched personality fit home does not spend 24/7 with him. During this pandemic, we still need groceries; we should still go out and walk about; we should still get in our cars and go for a small drive to go somewhere to do something! Time has been spent having him learn to not only like yet enjoy his own company. As we need our alone time, he must do too. He is a solid and stable dog, and we do not want any SA behaviours to develop.

As we have stated for over 26 years now, we will NEVER rush any dogs’ rehabilitation journey, we do not flip dogs, and we are not desperate to adopt them out.

We will always place up for adoption the dogs that can be adopted and safe haven all others that cannot be placed up for adoption due to medical and/or behavioural reasons.

We do not take in hundreds of dogs yearly; we only took in 6 dogs in 2021 as it is about helping the next in need of us, giving them top-quality care, and not about taking in numbers. In 2022, we have ONLY taken in 15 dogs to date.

After 26+ years, we know that we cannot please everyone, which means that BHRR is not the rescue to be followed, supported, and believed in by everyone. We remain small plus mighty, and as we go through this next transitional stage for BHRR, we shall continue to operate with a zero-tolerance approach, providing up and beyond care to the animals.

Our mandates have never changed, and they will remain the same as long as we are around; the animals shall always be done right by as our priority.

Our adoption success rates remain second to no other group out there – 100% for over ten years of operating, and now 99% as we go through year 26, and we are excited as we go through this slow transition for BHRR!

You have come so far, Mr. Titan, and we are delighted you are making your special announcement!