This handsome dude is having his paparazzi photo shoot tomorrow!
Then, once we have the pictures, he shall be ready to make his own special announcement.
So many are to thank for stepping up to help us save this amazing Great Dane! 
Mr. Titan, you are such a wonderful boy!
From his amazing foster mama:
‘Fun facts about this fella,
He loves tossing the pull toy. We have a side tube with a handle that he loves to fetch and return and tug.
He loves dance parties. If you dance he will chug and dance around you with a few bounces. Never jumps on you. Squirrels remain his mortal enemy. Full on early morning head and face rub is essential to start his day.’
Leash manners with distraction training are still a work in progress. He is like a 12-week-old puppy exploring the world, yet in a 5-year-old Great Dane body!