Mr. Titan!
Transferred from Alta Vista’s ICU to the care of my Hospital.
After a good night, came to work with me and as he was drinking well, pulled his IV – will run another one if needed, his poor leg sure did get cut with his last one put in by Upper Canada.
Gave him a Cerenia injection, took his meds like a champ, ate his a/d snack with water mixed in, and hung out. Picked up more meds – Alta Vista gave me a couple of days and I picked up the rest at my Hospital.
Still medical jail yet, no longer having to have conversations re: doing CPR, going septic, and the poor prognosis…
Keep getting stronger, you big ol’ sweetie!
Weak, lacking so much muscle mass and tone and anorexic, yet, we all got your back Mr. Titan!
The number of angel people that made a lifesaving donation to help us with your emerge bills has made me well up with so many tears…..
We could not keep you there any longer – they were happy to release you into my experienced Dane/Tech care, and you are doing well off of your nasal cannula. Everything else we can do at LAH. We would bring you back if we have to….In a heartbeat, we would.
He has been an excellent patient….has not bothered with any of the dogs nor showed any interest in our clinic cat either….