UPDATE: I have had two conversations with the Vet – he had to call me back.
1) They need to repeat x-rays(they will take three views) – and send off to an x-ray specialist – the images from the Hospital he was at earlier today are not as clear as he would like to see, and while this ‘could’ be pneumonia, the Vet is not sure if they see a ‘nodule’ and it is pneumonia AND something like Cancer or one or the other
2) He has a fever, and they are going to hit him up with strong IV antibiotics and continue supportive care
They will reach back out once they hear back from the x-ray specialist.
Estimate is still $4,500 for the first 24 hours.
As soon as we know more, we will post.
Thank you to date to all that have generously donated.
We need to raise another $3,500 over the next 18 hours for him……